UNEP Resources on Trade and Environment


UNEP Resources on Trade and Environment (general)


 Fisheries Subsidies, Sustainable Development and the WTO (2011) 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Regional Trade and Investment Agreements (2011)

 Climate and Trade Policies in a Post-2012 World (2009)

Trade and Climate Change WTO-UNEP Report (2009)


Trade-related measures and multilateral environmental agreements (2007)

Sustainable Trade and Poverty Reduction: New Approaches to Integrated Policy Making at the National Level (2006)

 Environment and Trade: A Handbook, 2nd ed. (2005),

                           also available in Spanish, Russian, French

The Trade and Environmental Effects of Ecolabels: Assessment and Response (2005)

Training Module: Introduction to Capacity Building for Environment, Trade and Sustainable Development (2004)

Enhancing Synergies and Mutual Supportiveness of MEAs and the WTO: A Synthesis Report (2002)

 Reference Manual for the Integrated Assessment of Trade-Related Policies (2001)


UNEP Resources on Trade and Environment (sector-specific)


Green Carbon, Black Trade: Illegal logging, Tax Fraud and Laundering in the Worlds Tropical Forests. A Rapid Response Assessment. UNEP and INTERPOL (2012)

Climate Change and Tourism – Responding to Global Challenges. UNEP & UNWTO (2009)

Towards Sustainable Fisheries Access Agreements -Issues and Options at the World Trade Organization (2008)

Sustainability criteria for fisheries subsidies: Options for the WTO and beyond.  UNEP and WWF (2007)

Reflecting Sustainable Development and Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries in the Context of New WTO Fisheries Subsidies Rules (2005)

Best Practices for Organic Policy - What Developing Country Governments Can Do to Promote the Organic Agriculture Sector (2007)

Handbook on Integrated Assessment of Trade-related Measures: The Agriculture Sector (2005)

Making Tourism more Sustainable. A Guide for Policy Makers. UNEP and UNWTO (2005)


GE-TOP Issue Briefings

Policy Brief 1 - Trade and Green Economy

Policy Brief 2 - Export Restrictions

Policy Brief 3 - Sustainable Agriculture

Policy Brief 4 - Sustainable Fisheries

Policy Brief 5 - International Transport

Policy Brief 6 - Environmental Goods

Policy Brief 7 - Environmental Services

Policy Brief 8 - Sustainability Standards for Consumer goods

Policy Brief 9 - Product Carbon Footprint Standards