Green Innovations

Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges. The ZERI network views waste as resource and seeks solutions using science and nature's design principles as inspiration. The ZERI Foundation has identified 100 innovations that within a decade could generate 100 million jobs. UNEP has partnered with ZERI to help ensure these innovations are widely disseminated around the world.
Nuclear’s Exit
The photovoltaic (PV) industry generated in 2010 $82 billion dollars in revenues, more than doubling in monetary value over a period of only one year........Read More

Solar without Subsidies
If we are serious about embarking on a renewable energy strategy without the caveat of incalculable risks related to nuclear, then we have to go beyond the present mix of ......Read More
Packing with Fungi
The PUF market has many advantages, It is no surprise it has been selected as the preferred packaging material for electronics, cameras......Read More
Weed control without chemicals
Research and Development costs have risen and are expected to rise as regulatory requirements for safer agrochemicals increase. Genetic engineering involves amongst others the making of plants resistant to herbicides....Read More

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