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UNEP Green Economy: News


  Launch of two Green Economy reports in Jamaica

March 22, 2016, in Kingston, Jamaica, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will launch two new reports – the “Green Economy Scoping Study for Jamaica” and the “Vision 2030 Jamaica and Green Economy”,

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  Technology Innovation for a Green Economy in Developing Countries – Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum side event

15 December 2015, Over 100 participants from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), academic and private sector,...

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  UNEP Executive Director on the WTO and the Sustainable Development Agenda

14 December 2015, Nairobi, Kenya - UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner joined other world leaders and senior officials in Nairobi to call for the new Sustainable Development Agenda to be at the centre of the World Trade Organization (WTO) agenda.

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  How fiscal policy reforms can drive a low carbon, inclusive green economy - Green Fiscal Policy Network side-event at COP21

4 December 2015, Paris, France - Experts from international organisations, national governments and civil society gathered at a side-event of the UNFCCC COP21 to discuss how fiscal policies.

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  AFED 8th Annual Conference on Sustainable Consumption held in Lebanon

16-17 November 2015, Beirut, Lebanon - The 8th edition of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) annual conference took place in Beirut, Lebanon, on  the theme of Sustainable Consumption.

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Uruguay Assesses the Transition towards a Green Economy

6 October 2015, 
Montevideo, Uruguay -
A new study “Towards a Green Economy in Uruguay: favourable conditions and opportunities” was released today during the event launching the UNEP´s sub-regional office for the Southern Cone in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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South Department Agriculture Report Validated in Haiti

11 September 2015, Port au Prince, Haiti
- A workshop hosted by the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and UNEP was held to validate the findings of an exploratory study on the green economy potential of the agricultural sector in the South Department of Haiti.

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     New study on Ghana’s solar energy export potential launched today for UNEP’s GE and Trade Opportunities Project

3 September 2015, Ghana - A new study by UNEP and The Energy Center, released today, assesses the solar energy export potential of Ghana to the WAPP sub-region, and analyzes respective environmental, social and economic benefits from solar energy exports.

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New Momentum for Organic Agriculture in South Africa

11 August 2015, South Africa - The NPC (tralac) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) hosted the second national stakeholder workshop for the Green Economy and Trade Opportunities Project (GE-TOP) in South Africa.

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Multiple Pathways to Sustainable Development Roundtable in Geneva

21 July 2015, Geneva - Panel discussion presenting UNEP’s new report, Multiple Pathways to Sustainable Development: Initial Findings from the Global South.

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The Chinese Trade and Green Economy Handbook launch

13 June 2015, Beijing - A new UNEP resource targets Chinese speakers in the transition to a greener economy through international trade

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Mozambique, the Biofund, and Moving towards Post-Extractive Economies: Reflections on the Nature of Wealth - and the Wealth of Natures

11 June 2015, Mozambique - BIOFUND, Mozambique’s Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity, hosted an international forum entitled “Conservation as a Pillar of Development”. 

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High-level Workshop on the Development of Green Economy and Ecological Civilization in Central Asia, Mongolia and China

11 June 2015, Beijing - Delegates from China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, met for a high-level workshop on the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Green Economy and China’s Ecological Civilization approaches.

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UNEP and Tongii University Launch a New Guidebook Ahead of Consultations on China’s 13th Five Year Plan

10 June 2015, Beijing - A new Green Economy Textbook is expected to play a significant role in assisting the Chinese government, policy makers and the public in moving towards an Inclusive Green Economy and Ecological Civilization, turning environmental challenges into new opportunities for sustainable development.

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Placing people in the center of sustainable development

3 June 2015, France - The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)’s Division for Social Policy and Development has organized a workshop in Paris (3-4 June), on incorporating economic and environmental perspectives in social policy-making.

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UNEP Session on Fiscal Policy at the European Development Days

3 June 2015, Belgium  – The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) hosted a policy lab on Fiscal Policies for an Inclusive Green Economy: Lessons Learnt from Africa, in Brussels on 3-4 June, during the 15th edition of the European Development Days (EDD15).

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The Republic of Korea supports global  partnership for greener and more inclusive economies

20 May 2015, Bangkok - The Republic of Korea scales-up its support for a green economic transition, as the country signed today an  additional contribution to PAGE at the First Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific (19-20 May, 2015), organized by UNEP.

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Catalysing Investment for a Greener and more Inclusive Economy

7 May 2015, Bahrain - Government representatives from across the Arab region, the United Nations, International and Regional Organizations, gathered in Bahrein, at a multi-stakeholder side event organized by UNEP, the Regional Office of West Asia (ROWA), with technical support from the UNEP Economics & Trade Branch and the UNEP Finance Initiative.

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WTO and UNEP enhance dialogue on trade and environmental issues at WTO‬ 20th anniversary event

28 April 2015, Geneva - A flagship event on trade and environment marking the 20th anniversary of the WTO was held at WTO headquarters today with the participation of Director-General Roberto Azevêdo and the Executive Director of UNEP, Mr Achim Steiner.

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New Handbook Explores How Trade Can Drive the Transition to a Green Economy

28 April 2015, Geneva - The Trade and Green Economy Handbook—produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)—was launched in Geneva at a High-Level Panel.

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Experts’ workshop in Seoul examines ways to adopt green economy pathways for sustainable development

28 April 2015, Seoul - The South-South Cooperation for Green Development workshop, jointly hosted by UNEP and GGGI, was organized with the goals of sharing country policies and strategies for sustainable development and discussing different national pathways towards more resource-efficient societies, .

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Establishing China's Green Financial System - Report of the Green Finance Task Force

22 April 2015, China - The report is the outcome of a Green Finance Task Force which was tasked to develop policy, regulatory and market-innovations to better align China's financial system.

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UAE unveiled the publications of their first Green Economy report

April 2015, UAE - This is the first report developed to inform the public about the status of progress in the implementation of the UAE Green Growth Strategy. It also represents the world’s first of its kind in national reporting on a Green Economy transition.

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5th International Conference on the Organic Sector Development

16 April 2015, Kyiv - About 200 participants from 35 countries met to discuss the development of the organic sector and exchange experiences.

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Launch of new report on Building Inclusive Green Economies in Africa

5 March 2015, Cairo - From villages to nations, Africa’s success stories offer lessons for global transition to greener and more inclusive economies

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Launch of Egypt Green Economy study

5 March, Cairo - Egypt to save over US $2.4 billion annually, cut CO2 emissions by 13%, water consumption by 40% and create 8 million new jobs, through transition to Green Economy, according to new UNEP report.

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UNEP Regional Workshop on “Inclusive Green Economies for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development in Africa: From Inspiration to Action”

28 February 2015, Cairo - Ministers from African countries and key policy makers discussed and shared experiences and lessons learned in bringing a green economy focus into their development plan.

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The Caribbean region to lead the way to the Green Economy

23 February 2015, Jamaica - The transition to a green economy in the Caribbean region will take an important step forward today in Jamaica, as representatives from over 10 countries from around the region gather for the second Caribbean Green Economy Conference (CGEC).

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Academics, governments and practitioners jointly call for global green fiscal reform

29 January 2015, Venice - Green Growth Knowledge Platform triggers major global research push on fiscal policy is support of a green economy transition.

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First UNEP - Workshop on Alternative National Pathways to Sustainability opens in Bali

18 December 2014, Indonesia - Policy-makers and experts from China, Bolivia, Thailand, South Africa and the ASEAN countries gathered in the Indonesian island for a two-day seminar to discuss different approaches to sustainable development.

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Evolution and the Green Economy in the Age of the Anthropocene

November 2014 - At its core, the evolution of clean energy is a natural selection based on quickly evolving technologies that are redefining the DNA of human energy systems" Achim Steiner, UN Under Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director, on today's green economy.

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Green Economy and the Rights of Nature must be united to address urgent global challenges

4 November 2014 , Ecuador - Green Economy and ethical approaches to conservation are complementary, and both required to protect the planets wildlife, according to UNEP’s Steven Stone at the Convention of Migratory Species of Wild Animals Conference in Ecuador.

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UN Climate Summit must address inertia
Financing climate action is in national, business and individual interests

1 September 2014, London - Written by Simon Zadek, senior visiting fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute and the Centre for International Governance Innovation, and Nick Robins, co-director of the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System

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Momentum Building for a Greener and more Inclusive Economy

1 September 2014, London  - UNEP launches three new reports to support governments in building greener and more inclusive economies, as a quarter of the world’s countries are now pursuing green economy plans.

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New Studies Call On China to Measure and Assess Its Green Economy Opportunities

11 June 2014, China - Two new reports released today by UNEP and Chinese government highlight how China can measure and model its environmental industry to maximize resource efficiency and boost economic growth as the country transitions towards a low carbon, green economy.

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Barbados is Leading the Way for SIDS in Green Economy Transition

5 June 2014, Barbados Prime Minister Endorses Green Economy Roadmap to Advance the Island’s Sustainable Development Agenda

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Backing and Enabling Smallholders Can Unleash New and Sustainable Agricultural Revolution 

4 June 2013, Mongolia Supporting smallholder farmers to play a greater role in food production and natural resource stewardship is one of the quickest ways to lift over one billion people out of poverty and sustainably nourish a growing world population, a new United Nations report said.

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St. Lucia hosts conference to kickoff Region-wide effort aims to address employment and environment
Caribbean Green Economy Initiative

3 June 2013, Saint Lucia – The Government of St. Lucia is set to host the first-ever Caribbean Green Economy Conference this week at the Rex Resorts, where ministers, decision-makers and civil society will explore how to accelerate a region-wide transition to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

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Participants at Paris Forum call for a shift from labour to resource productivity 

4 April 2013, Paris - Participants at an international forum taking place in the French capital today, who included government officials, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, said that green growth was the path to follow to achieve a global transition to a Green Economy and a more sustainable mode of development for all. 


Four UN Agencies to Assist 30 Countries in Transition to a Green Economy

19 February 2013, Nairobi – A new partnership launched today by four UN agencies aims to support 30 countries over the next seven years in building national green economy strategies that will generate new jobs and skills, promote clean technologies, and reduce environmental risks and poverty. The new Partnership for Action on Green Economy, or PAGE, is a response to the outcome document of the Rio+20 Conference, entitled The Future We Want, which recognizes the green economy as a vehicle for sustainable development and poverty eradication.


New UNEP Study Finds Peru’s BioTrade Sector is Growing Sector generating increased wealth, jobs and development

18 February 2013, Geneva - The BioTrade sector in Peru has grown by 20 per cent in the last five years - generating significant revenue and promoting sustainable development, while simultaneously supporting pro-poor development. Despite these benefits, Peru’s BioTrade sector still faces many challenges – from financing and value addition to certification and contamination from GMOs – which are preventing it from reaching its full potential, according to a new study released this week by UNEP in collaboration with ProNaturaleza


Growing Global Demand for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Could Create Green Jobs for Nepal’s Poorest Communities

18 February 2013, Geneva - The growing global demand for medicinal and aromatic plants could help drive Nepal’s green economy, according to a new study by UNEP in collaboration with Government of Nepal. The report, BioTrade: Harnessing the potential for transitioning to a green economy – The Case of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Nepal, analyzes the country’s BioTrade sector and specifically, its trade in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), which are native to the same regions as the country’s poorest communities.


Indicators Can Support Transition to Inclusive, Resource-Efficient Green Economy, Says UNEP Report

3 December 2012, Geneva – A new UNEP report launched today provides countries with a practical guide on how indicators can measure progress towards an inclusive, resource-efficient, green economy, and support new national policies to assess human well-being and quality of life. Measuring Progress towards an Inclusive Green Economy was released as experts from major institutions and governments meet in Geneva at the first major gathering since Rio+20.  


Azerbaijan Plans for Green Economy

15 November 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan has made significant strides in improving its economy over the past decade, as it embarked on a market-based economy and recovered from a significant downturn following the breakup of the Soviet Union. As a result, the government is now looking to implement a policy for country’s transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive economy. This study presents an assessment of Azerbaijan’s economy, looking at ways that will foster such transition.


New Green Economy Study Highlights Role of BioTrade in Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction in Namibia

30 May 2012, Namibia – A new study launched today finds that the USD 200 million BioTrade sector in Namibia has the potential to increase by more than 50 per cent in the next 10 years if it acts now to undertake a series of measures and reforms.


Calls for Green Economy to Address Structural Vulnerabilities in SIDS: Barbados Scoping Study

28 March 2012, Barbados – The Prime Minister of Barbados today unveiled a new study that will accelerate the country’s transition to a green economy, and challenged other Caribbean Small Island Developing States to work together on creating a socially inclusive, low-carbon, resource-efficient region.


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