ASEAN Workshop in Indonesia

Enhancing South-South Cooperation - December 2014 in Indonesia

UNEP will organise a workshop with the Ministry of Environment and the ASEAN Secretariat in Bali in December 2014 as part of the UNEP project “Enhancing South-South Cooperation - Building the Capacity of Developing Countries to Promote Green Economies”. The project aims to raise awareness of green economy-related concepts at the national level and to highlight the role of indicators for informed policymaking to support the transition towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy.

The upcoming workshop aims to further the engagement of ASEAN member-states in sustainable development and the green economy by facilitating a South-South exchange between country representatives on different national initiatives for transitioning towards an inclusive green economy. The objective of the workshop is to bring together the four project participants - Bolivia, China, Thailand and South Africa - and Indonesia as host country, to showcase and discuss national-level initiatives to achieve a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy. The workshop also aims to improve the use of green economy indicators in the participant countries. 

The workshop is expected to involve around 30 participants from 10 ASEAN member-states, presenters from UNEP’s partners in its “South-South Cooperation” project, as well as NGOs and international organisations involved in green economy-related issues.

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