Participants DAY THREE

 DAY 3
Session 3: National Experiences and Lessons



Li Xiaoxi, Beijing Normal University

Xiaoxi LI is a Deputy Director of Academic Committee of Beijing Normal University; Convener of the Economics Department in the Social Science Committee of Ministry of Education; Dean of Institute of Capital Science and Technology Development Strategy; Adjunct Professor of more than ten research institutes and universities, including Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, and so on; Vice President of China Marketing Association and also Executive Director or Director of more than 20 academies and societies; Expert approved by the State Council to enjoy the Special Government Allowance; Former Chief of the Macroeconomic Research Department, Research Office of the State Council; Acquired multiple research prize or awards, e.g. China Green Development Report 2010 was granted the second China Soft Science Award, China Green Development Report 2011 was selected into the Classic China Project of General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China.

Green Development Index in China




Zainuddin Gustami, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia

2010–Present: Head of Incentive an Environmental Fund Division, Deputy Minister for Environmental Governance; 2006 - 2010: Head of Incentive Development Division; 2001 - 2004: Head of Financial Mechanism Sub Division;1999 - 2001: Head of Environmental Economic Valuation Sub Division; Gustami got his M.Sc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management from Mahidol University (2004-2005), and a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture from Andalas University (1985-1990).

Indonesian Eperience in Developing SD Indicators




Joerg Mayer-Ries, Fed.Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

Education: 1999 Free University of Berlin, PhD. in Political Economy, 1984 Diploma in Political Economy, Oldenburg University; 1982 - 1984 Studies in Business Economics and Political Economy, Oldenburg University. Professional experience: From 1984 to 1989: Research Assistant at the Institute for Political Economy, Oldenburg University. 1990 – 1998: Director of Studies for Economic, Environmental and North-South- Policy, Lutheran Academies at Loccum and at Berlin. 1999 – 2007: Senior Consultant for Sustainability Policy, Innovation and Research Policy at IFOK, Institute for Organisational Communication, Berlin (private business consulting). Since 2007: Head of Division ZG III 1, “General Aspects of Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Environmental Protection Strategies” Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Berlin. Fields of Activity: environmental and sustainability policy, strategic aspects of environmental and sustainability policy; measurement and indicator concepts of sustainability, welfare, growth; transformation strategies, innovation and research policy; governance and management concepts; spatial aspects of sustainable development. Email: Web:

Sustainable Development, Welfare and Environmental Monitoring in Germany