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FICCI- UNEP Inquiry Interim Report on “Designing a Sustainable Financial System for India”
Read the ‘Designing a Sustainable Financial System for India” Press Release 13 February 2015 here

Linking financial policy and sustainability: the Inquiry's work with partners in India profiled in the news
With growing momentum behind efforts to link finance policy and sustainability right across the world, there’s no time to lose in India

UNEP Inquiry press release for Beijing meeting
International experts and senior Chinese officials are meeting in Beijing on November 18th to discuss proposals for aligning China’s financial system to the needs of green industry.....



Pre-condition for climate success: greening the financial system by Simon Zadek
The announcement last week of a deal between China and the US on climate may be a breakthrough development for international climate negotiations in Paris in late 2015 ...

The Inquiry @ 150 Days – An Invitation, by Simon Zadek and Nick Robins
On 25th June, UNEP`s Inquiry released its first publication, “Aligning the Financial System ...

Green or Greenspan
When forced to explain why so few anticipated the global financial crisis, former US ...

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