Eric Ripert and Gisele Bündchen Show How to Cook Efficiently on the NBC TODAY Show

The UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Gisele Bündchen  and French renown Chef Eric Ripert appeared live on the NBC TODAY Show in the United States talking about Food Waste. The stars shared statistics and called the audience to make efficient choices and learn to use everything to the fullest.

" 40% of the food produced in the US gets thrown away because it doesn't look a certain way", said Gisele

"None of us look the same, that's part of nature, none of us is perfect, carrots from my garden look very crooked but they taste delicious" Gisele added

The two stars made a couple of dishes, called the audience to think twice before they throw away some of the food. At the end of the show, the stars really proved to the audiences that there are indeed many ways of saving food.

For more information watch the video :

Gisele shares with you the following food waste tips:

  • Shop smarter: don’t buy more than you need (even if they are on sale) and choose products with the least packaging.
  • Plan better: cook just enough and freeze leftovers instead of refrigerating so that if you don’t feel like eating it tomorrow you can have it in a few days.
  • Find and support produce distributors that sell wonky fruits and veg.  I’ve tried to reduce our food waste by creating a kitchen garden--having your own garden means being able to take just what you need. The vegetables taste delicious but look wonky, each different from the other, just like nature intended it! We compost our organic scraps and the chickens eat most of it but are happy to share with the family dog. This keeps more waste out of the landfills.
  • Learn about labels so that you are not throwing away perfectly good food --9 in 10 of us do because we are not clear about what the different labels actually mean. Did you know that if an egg floats in a bowl of water, it’s bad, but if it sinks, it’s still good? Learn more at
  • Reduce your food waste but try to compost what you must throw away and check out

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