"Planet Ocean" Film and Application are now Available to All

To mark the World Environment Day (5th of June), Yann Arthus-Bertrand's Foundation, GoodPlanet, is launching an international campaign to preserve the ocean. The campaign is based on the film "Planet Ocean", which is now accessible to all on YouTube. In addition, a free application for smart-phones called “Planet Ocean” is being launched, aiming at allowing each and everyone to consume seafood products in a sustainable manner, thus becoming, each to their level, a key player in the protection of the ocean.

"Planet Ocean" is a 90 minute documentary co-directed by UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, who brings with him the scientific missions of TARA, a unique pool of researches, oceanographers and biologists from several countries. By describing the modern Odyssey of people who go out to discover their blue planet, the film has the potential to change the way people look at the ocean. Thanks to its astonishing photography, the film takes us on a magnificent and unprecedented journey into the heart of the least known regions of our planet. Filmed in extreme geographical conditions all over the globe, it narrates the most marvelous and also the most terrifying human experiences of our time.

The "Planet Ocean" adventure has been going on for two years. It is now taking a new turn and the goal is to spread the word over this initiative and to protect the world's natural resources.

To download the app:
On Android: http://bit.ly/PlanetOceanAppAndroid
On IOS: http://bit.ly/PlanetOceanAppIOS

To watch "Planet Ocean":

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