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Working languages
1. Primary competency
NameLászló Pintér
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NationalityCanadian and Hungarian
Current positionProfessor, CEU and Senior Fellow and Associate, IISD
Specify previous experience on IEATrainer
If 'Trainer', please add dates, venues and who conducted the trainingI lead the development of the first IEA/GEO Training Manual and coordinated the preparation of the current IEA Training Manual. I lead or co-facilitated a large number (20+) of IEA training workshops in Africa, West Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and North America. I also lead train-the-trainer events and coordinate the conversion of the IEA Training Manual into e-learning format.
Other IEA training experienceI designed and taught training modules on SEA, the use of indicators in policymaking and sustainable development strategies. I am currently teaching a PhD course based on the IEA Training Manual at the CEU.
Native languageHungarian
Working languagesEnglish
Aspects of IEA training which you are confident with and interested in
1. Primary competencyModule 2: IEA Process Design and Organization
2. Secondary competencyModule 5: Integrated Analysis of Environmental Trends and Policies
3. Tertiary competencyModule 6: Scenario Development and Analysis