Native language
Working languages
1. Primary competency
NameMiguel Peralta Suárez
Portrait Image
RegionLatin America and the Caribbean
Current positionInternational Cooperation Director, Señor de Sipán University, Chiclayo - Perú
Specify previous experience on IEATrainer
If 'Trainer', please add dates, venues and who conducted the trainingTrainer in EIA GEO Chiclayo - Perú
Other IEA training experienceTrainer in Localizing Agenda 21 Programme Chiclayo - Perú
Native languageSpanish
Working languagesSpanish, English, French
Aspects of IEA training which you are confident with and interested in
1. Primary competencyModule 2: IEA Process Design and Organization
2. Secondary competencyModule 3: Developing an Impact Strategy for Your IEA
3. Tertiary competencyModule 4: Monitoring, Data and Indicators