Native language
Working languages
1. Primary competency
NameMaría Luisa Balbuena
Portrait Image
RegionLatin America and the Caribbean
Current positionConsultora independiente
Specify previous experience on IEATrainer
If 'Trainer', please add dates, venues and who conducted the trainingdel 27 al 31 de julio del 2009, Hotel Holliday Inn en Panam, Silvia Giada
Other IEA training experienceFacilitadora del taller GEO República Dominicana, realizado del 18 al 20 de noviembre del 2008, conducido por Silvia Giada
Native languageEspañol
Working languagesIngles
Aspects of IEA training which you are confident with and interested in
1. Primary competencyModule 4: Monitoring, Data and Indicators
2. Secondary competencyModule 2: IEA Process Design and Organization
3. Tertiary competencyModule 3: Developing an Impact Strategy for Your IEA