Native language
Working languages
1. Primary competency
NameHéctor Tuy -
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RegionLatin America and the Caribbean
Skype nameinformaya
Current positionEnvironmental Accounting Project Coordinator
Specify previous experience on IEATrainer
If 'Trainer', please add dates, venues and who conducted the trainingEnvironmental Profiles of Guatemala (2004, 2006 and 2008-2009).
National Environment Outlook - Guatemala 2009.
National environment Outlook - El Salvador 2009. (scenarios)
Other IEA training experienceIEA Training of Trainers (Panama, 2009)
Scenario Modelling for IEA reporting (Guatemala, 2009)
MEA (Costa Rica, 2010)
Native languageSpanish
Working languagesSpanish, English, German
Aspects of IEA training which you are confident with and interested in
1. Primary competencyModule 1: The GEO Approach to Integrated Environmental Assessment
2. Secondary competencyModule 4: Monitoring, Data and Indicators
3. Tertiary competencyModule 6: Scenario Development and Analysis