More on Developing and Delivering Training*

Who is the Manual is for?
This Manual is intended for use by those who deliver or plan to deliver training on the Integrated Environmental Assessment. It was composed to be useful for both professional educators and trainers and for trainers at the beginner-level. It will be useful for those experienced educators or trainers working in institutes for the professional training of state officials, in higher education institutions or public training centres. It should also helpful for beginner level trainers, such as representatives of state structures, who want to raise the level of knowledge and understanding and who are responsible for organising the IEA process.

How to use the Manual?
The Manual can also be used to supplement the material from the IEA Training Manualand can help the user to adapt it for different types of educational activities. For example, the presented materials can be used to prepare:

  • Training sessions of several days or only a short time for officials or for members of civil society
  • Courses in secondary schools or higher education institutions
  • Short courses to be included in the already existing curricula for training and professional development of state officials
  • Short half or quarter day seminars for various groups of people.

The Manual describes main principals for design of interactive training exercises, lectures and discussions. Following these principals the user can adapt materials from the IEA Training Manualto her owm conditions, to the goals of the training activity and to the needs of the participants.

* Adapted from the publication by the European Union Project: ‘Environmental Information, Education and Public Awareness, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine’ (EuropeAid 02-0114)

Written and adapted by Elena Santer/Veligosh
Edited by Elena Pometun of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.