Roadmap to the Instructor Guidance

All of the materials in the IEA Training Manual are intended for adaptation and widespread use. It will be important for any instructor or team of instructors to customize material for their specific application and location. Therefore, materials presented here should be seen as the base from which one starts planning for a workshop on integrated environmental assessment (IEA) using the GEO approach.

Use these materials for ideas and for supplies, but not as a strict set of instructions. Select modules and supporting materials that will address the needs you identify for the participants you will engage.

To help you with the adaptation and localization of your training needs, we provide you with both general and module-specific guidance for planning and delivering workshops using the modules in this Resource Book.

General Instructor Guidance: The General Instructor Guidance provides you with key principles for engaging workshop participants as well as insights into:

  • anticipating the types of particpants with which you will be working;
  • calibrating the module materials for local needs;
  • planning for comprehensive versus overview workshops;
  • using the modules for extending the impact of the training;
  • understanding training versus facilitation;
  • monitoring and evaluation guidance; and
  • leveraging opportunities for follow-up and support.

Module-specific Instructor Guidance [only on the IEA Training Manual CD]: The module-specific instructor guidance includes PowerPoint Slides and two sample training agendas for each module to help you plan for comprehensive or overview workshops:

  • Sample Comprehensive Training Agenda: This level of guidance helps you run a majorworkshop of sufficient duration to train participants in the key concepts and core skillsof the module.
  • Sample Overview Training Agenda: This level of guidance helps you conduct a lessintensive workshop, communicating only  the key concepts and types of skills that amodule can build.

For both agendas, the presentation provides guidance on concepts and important group and plenary exercises for the training of core skills. Presentations and exercises are cross-referenced with specific sections in the modules.