IEA Training Manual - Module 7 - Exercises

Exercise 7.2.5 ab


Discuss existing media relations in your country, and use your experience to draft a short-term dissemination plan to approach the media

Work in groups of four. Choose someone in your group to record your results following the discussion points below; report the results in plenary. Duration of the exercise is 40 minutes.

  • Discuss the needs and available resources for communication.
  • What ongoing relations with mainstream media exist within your organization/department?
  • Do you have staff/members who are familiar with mainstream media norms and needs? Do these staff/members have sufficient time to do consistent media outreach?
  • Make a list of responsive journalists and other “insiders,” and describe plans to use them to spread your message.
  • Does your organization have a distribution network? Is it updated and ready to be used?
  • Summarize your results on a flipchart for presentation in plenary later.

Summarize your results on a flipchart for presentation in plenary later.


Participants continue working in the same groups. Duration of the exercise is 30 minutes. The aim of the exercise is to find out what are the best communication channels, considering given time, resources and possibilities. The participants map out a variety of communication channels, analyze strength and weaknesses of each of them, and prioritize their dissemination channels. Participants choose someone in the group to report the results of the group discussion in plenary.

Channel/media Strength Weaknesses Priorities
Television It can reach many people. Visual medium provides more impact and the ability to demonstrate a behaviour. Expesnive to produce and buy time. Short format does not allow for more than awareness.  
Press (papers, magazines)    
Printed materials (book….)    


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