IEA Training Manual - Module 7 - Exercises

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Exercise 7.3.1

Budgeting needs and skills

This exercise builds on the exercise on establishing the main budget lines. The exercise is not limited to planning printed formats, but can be used when planning communications in any format.

The participants break into groups of about five. The exercise lasts for 30 minutes. The production phase requires people with different skills. This is an exercise in mapping needs and skills for preparing printed or electronic reports. Participants should discuss expertise, skills and services they need for preparing their communication outputs. The leading question for the discussion is: What expertise, skills and services do you needs to succeed with your project? Make a budget and time plan based on:

  1. Who will be involved in the project (inside and outside expertise)?
  2. What are direct expenses (e.g., meetings, communication, printing, transport)
  3. How much it cost?
  4. What is the time frame of the different steps?

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