IEA Training Manual - Module 2

1. Introduction and objectives

A successful integrated environmental assessment at the national level requires good advance planning. This starts with understanding the role, design and organization of the process, as well as identification of the main steps and activities needed to achieve the IEA’s goals.

This module provides guidance on how to encourage participation of different sectors through the entire process. However, activities related to each stage of the IEA may be undertaken with relative independence, depending on what best suits the political and institutional situation in your country.

After successfully completing this module, you will have developed the capacity to conceptualize, participate in and manage the design and organization of an IEA process. You will be able to:

  • understand the main stages of the IEA process;
  • understand the institutional arrangements to be developed;
  • learn to lead an IEA process in an interactive and participatory way;
  • identify the main activities and procedures for preparing IEA reports and promoting their findings to achieve maximum impact; and
  • be aware of and able to manage challenges of running the process while involving the public.

In order to achieve this competence and these capacities, the module incorporates three interactive training elements: case examples, discussion questions and exercises.

The module is organized in three main sections, of which this introduction is the first. The second section explains the main contributions of the IEA process in terms of capacity building and network development. The third section presents in detail the organization and design of the national IEA process, explaining each stage of the process from start-up and institutional framework through the final steps for reporting and follow-up.


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