IEA Training Manual - Module 5

4. Step 1: What is happening to the environment and why?

The first step in the GEO approach to an IEA is to address the question: What is happening to the environment and why? This question can be answered by considering more detailed questions of the DPSIR analytical framework. These questions include:

  • What are the priority environmental issues (e.g., water quality/quantity, air pollution, biodiversity)?
  • What are the specific concerns related to the STATE of the environment for each issue and what are the key TRENDS?
  • What DRIVERS and PRESSURES are causing environmental change?
  • What INDICATORS are appropriate and necessary to characterize these drivers, pressures and states?

The following sections provide guidance for addressing these questions.

Figure 6:Analytical framework
– What is happening to the
environment and why?


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Module 5 - Integrated analysis of environmental trends and policies
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