IEA Training Manual - Module 5

6.8 The policy narrative sheet – summarizing policy failures and successes

The final step in the policy analysis approach is to develop a policy narrative that summarizes the results of the policy analysis (steps A-D and the analysis of relative policy impacts, if known). The purpose is to develop credible statements regarding the adequacy of past and current policy responses for restoring and maintaining the state of the environment, and facilitating adaptation to impacts.

The policy narrative sheet should have components similar to those illustrated in Table 14.

Table 14: Example of a policy narrative sheet.

Policy Narrative Sheet
Describe the Environmental Issue in terms of indicator trends for the State and key Drivers, Pressures and Impacts.
How effective is the policy mix that currently influences the environmental State and the key Drivers, Pressures and Impacts (compare indicator data to targets or benchmarks)?
What are the key policy gaps?
  • Is a policy type under-represented (economic, regulatory, expenditure, institutional policy instruments)?
  • re policies not focusing on key Drivers, Pressures, the State or the Impacts?
  • Are relevant policies missing?
What are the key policy interlinkages, and are they positive or negative?
What are some of the key policy success stories?
What improvements are necessary for the current mix of policy instruments influencing this environmental issue to improve their overall effectiveness?

See Exercise 5.6.8


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Module 5 - Integrated analysis of environmental trends and policies
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