IEA Training Manual - Module 7

2. Choosing what to produce

Before deciding on the products and formats, it would be wise to revisit the objectives of the impact strategy (see Module 3 for details). In doing so, you will have a clearer overview of:

  • the environmental issues you want to be communicated;
  • the persons and groups in a position to influence these issues;
  • the knowledge that the national IEA process will generate; and
  • leveraging opportunities for getting key information to influential target audiences.

The latter point on leveraging opportunities is the focus of this module, which is to think strategically, linking target groups and content with innovative communication formats and channels, and at all times, considering budget and capacity constraints.

Discussion Question: Mapping existing communication outputs

(About 15 minutes.)

In small groups discuss your experiences working with different communication formats and distribution channels, both traditional (e.g., printed) and non-traditional (e.g., electronic/multimedia, interactive). The questions for the discussion might be, “What are your observations and experiences about using different formats?” and “What results, if any, were achieved?”

Base your discussion around products and examples that you brought to the workshop, along with your collective experience dealing with communication channels.


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