IEA Training Manual - Module 7

2.3 Budget

Available resources, both financial and human, will influence your work and force you to prioritize. Before choosing communication formats, the budget needs to be revisited. Some communication formats, like web-based publications, are typically less expensive to produce than printed products. Depending on the budget, you may have to prioritize your messages and findings.

Consider the cost of the required products, and see what other products can be realistically produce given available resources. Be innovative, and consider options like sponsorship of specific products or form alliances to co-publish.

Determine the time available to internal and external staff and allocate tasks appropriately. For materials, determine how much it costs to design and produce the products, and ask how much it will cost to distribute them. You will have to consider the cost of publishing, along with office supplies, mailing costs, telephone costs and copying. We recommend a contingency line item for unexpected costs that typically arise in developing communication outputs.

See Exercise 7.2.3


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