IEA Training Manual - Module 7

4.1 Dissemination

At this point, it is time to implement the dissemination plan. Too many good information products are left in an office for just a few to read. Why spend time and money producing well thought-through products if nobody sees or reads them? First, verify if you already have a distribution network, and if this network is updated. Then, revisit your communication strategy, and ensure that your distribution list matches your target group(s). Add new names and organizations to your list as appropriate.

Further, consider different ways of distributing your product. This will vary depending on the format you have chosen. For example, a web-based report will probably reach more broadly, while a paper report might more easily reach directly to your target group(s). Consider contacting NGOs and ministries directly, and make a plan for seminars, meetings and events where you can attend and hand out your product dedicated to the IEA.

The most important thing is that you keep thinking about distribution long after you have finished your product, even though the energy for doing that is sometimes hard to find.


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