International Environmental Technology Centre 



IETC organized, on 6 March 2012 at its offices in Osaka, a seminar to present the results of the UNEP international experts'  mission that visited the Tohoku region from 27 February to 2 March 2012 to exchange experience with Japanese experts on management of disaster debris.

The seminar was attended by 40 participants from various academic and municipal organizations.




A year after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck Eastern Japan, killing thousands and destroying cities and villages along the coast of the country's Tohoku region, the UNEP team of international experts visited the affected area to meet with officials, visit waste management and debris recycling facilities, and share information and experiences with people involved in the clean-up effort.

Given the unprecedented volume of debris from the Great East Japan earthquake, and the efficiency with which the Japanese authorities and communities have responded, UNEP intends to share the methods and lessons learned to help other countries be better prepared to handle debris generated by future natural disasters.