International Environmental Technology Centre 


Converting Waste Oil Palm trees into a Resource

Oil palm trees are the most important plantation crop in Malaysia and Indonesia. Each year several million trees are felled and large quantities of biomass waste generated. But currently, this resource is under-utilized.

In order to explore potential uses for this biomass, a study was carried out in Malaysia to determine the feasibility of converting waste oil palm trees (WPT) into a resource, either as raw material for various industrial applications or for utilization in energy generation.

This report contains:
■ Characterization and quantification of WPT in Malaysia

■ Assessment of current WPT management sytems, practices and utilization

■ Identification, assessment and selection of ESTs for converting WPT into materiel or energy

■ Report of UNEP workshop, 12 july 2011

■ Techno-economic feasibility study of using WPT for generating renewable energy

■ Business proposal for converting WPT into renewable energy