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Solid Waste Management, Dec 2005Solid Waste Management, Dec 2005

This publication looks at the use of technologies that are environmentally sound for managing municipal solid wastes in developing countries. It is designed as a sourcebook on solid waste management, covering a multitude of topics including the principles of solid waste management, processing and treatment, and final disposal. It also covers key non-technical aspects, and offers regional overviews on solid waste management.

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Volume I

----- Table of Contents -----

Part I - Principles of Solid Waste Management

  • Copyright and Disclaimer

  • Preface

  • Acknowledgements

  • Chapter I.     Introduction

  • Chapter II.     Framework For Management of Solid Waste

  • Chapter III.     Waste Quantities and Characteristics

  • Chapter IV.     Storage and Collection

  • Chapter V.     Street Cleaning

Download Part I, Chapters I to III (PDF 4.9 MB)

Download Part I, Chapter IV (PDF 7.7MB)

Download Part I, Chapter V (PDF 2.7 MB)

Part II - Processing and Treatment

  • Chapter VI.     Materials Recovery and Recycling

  • Chapter VII.     Use of Waste-derived Organic Matter as a Soil Amendment

  • Chapter VIII.     Composting

  • Chapter IX.     Single-cell Protein and Ethanol Production

  • Chapter X.     Types of Waste-To-Energy Systems

  • Chapter XI.     Biogasification

  • Chapter XII.     Production of Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF)

  • Chapter XIII.     Incineration and Thermal Conversion

Download Part II (PDF 4.3MB)

Part III - Final Disposal

  • Chapter XIV.     Sanitary Landfill

Download Part III (PDF 3.4MB)

Part IV - Key Non-Technical Considerations, Appendixes, Bibliography and Glossary

  • Chapter XV.     Regulatory and Economic Instruments For Solid Waste Management

  • Chapter XVI.     Financial Arrangements For Solid Waste Management

  • Chapter XVII.     Policy Alternatives For Improving Solid Waste Management

  • Chapter XVIII.     Management Information Systems

  • Appendix A.     Public Health Aspects

  • Appendix B.     Characteristics of Composted Yard Waste

  • Appendix C.     Performance Indicators For Solid Waste Services

  • Appendix D.     Costs of Solid Waste Management Technologies

  • Bibliography

  • Glossary

  • Acknowledgments

Download Part IV (PDF 0.4MB)

Volume II

----- Table of Contents -----

Regional Overviews and Information Sources

Section A.     Africa

Section B.     Asia

Section C.     Europe

Section D.     Latin America and the Caribbean

Section E.     North America

Download Volume II (PDF 3.57MB)