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Multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on E-waste management

E-Waste workshop in Osaka, Japan, July 2012

IETC organized a multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on E-waste management from 18 to 20 July 2012 in Osaka, Japan.

The policy dialogue between Governments and the private sector, with inputs from intergovernmental organizations, academia and public interest groups, was designed to:

  • review current public-private sector cooperation on end-of-life e-products and e-waste in countries participating in the workshop; and

  • identify best practices and barriers to be overcome in order to enhance public-private sector cooperation to achieve optimal management of end-of-life e-products and e-waste in the future.

Based on the dialogue, the meeting developed a Call for Action, which set out recommendations on possible steps for establishing public-private cooperation on the management of end-of life e-goods and e-wastes, and on measures required to make such cooperation efficient and effective.

Please find below the agenda, the list of participants as well as all presentation material used during the policy dialog. Material that can not yet be downloaded will be made available shortly.

Documents used during the multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on e-waste management



Keynote addresses

Presentation - Challenges and opportunities associated with e-waste and the advantages of public-private sector cooperation

Panel discussion 1 - What do Governments expect from e-waste manufacturers and recyclers?

Panel discussion 2 - What do electronics manufacturers need from Governments?

Panel discussion 3 - What do recyclers need from Governments?

  • Ms. Rose Kuan, Marketing Director /COO, Shan Poornam Metals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia [to be uploaded]

Panel discussion 4 - International organizations’ facilitation of public-private sector cooperation

Panel discussion 5 - The perspective of academic institutions and non-governmental organizations