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Malmö is situated in the southern part of Sweden and is easily accessible by air, sea and land transport. The nearest airports are Malmö/Sturup Airport and the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark.

 Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden with a population of 257.000 inhabitants. The region has many food and packaging-related companies and it is also known as Medicon Valley. More than 60% of the Scandinavian pharmaceutical industry is based here. The three largest employment sectors are:
Trade and communication 25%
Private service companies 23%
Healthcare and welfare 17%

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How to get to Malmö
Malmö/Sturup Airport (MMX) has frequent connections with Stockholm, as well as non-stop flights from London, Amsterdam and Zürich. Sturup is situated about 50 kilometres from Malmö City

 Airport buses and taxis are available from Sturup to Malmö.
The bus fare is 75 SEK
The taxi fare is approx. 270 - 350 SEK (fixed rate)

 The Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, is an international airport served by most major airlines and is situated just across the Öresund strait. 

The transit from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö City International is by hydrofoil (SAS Catamaran). Inform your travel agent to issue your ticket with the final destination Malmö City International (HMA).This transfer takes about 30 minutes.
Other forms of transportation from the airports should be arranged through your local representation in Sweden or Denmark.

Applications for visa, where required, should be made as soon as possible at the nearest Swedish Embassy.

During the Forum shuttle buses will be available from the hotels to the Scania Convention Centre. Further information will be available at the hotels. The accessibility of taxis in Malmö City is also good.

 Hotel Accommodation
A block-booking has been made through Malmö Kongressbyrå AB.
Malmö Kongressbyrå AB 
Östergatan 3, SE-211 25 Malmö, Sweden
Phone:+46-40-25 85 50, Fax:+46-40-25 85 59

In order to guarantee a hotel reservation, we recommend you to place your request as soon as possible and not later than 1 May (please use the enclosed registration form). Please note that Malmö Kongressbyrå AB needs your credit card number or a deposit for the first night to ensure your reservation. (The deposit will be deducted from your hotel bill.)

 If the hotel reservation is cancelled before 1 May 2000, the deposit will be refunded. Notification of cancellation must be sent by mail or fax to Malmö Kongressbyrå AB. The request for refund must be in writing with full name and address of your bank together with the bank account number. 
Category Single room Double room Suites
A 1.150-1.700 1.300-2.000  on request 
B 900-1.050 1.050-1.200  
C 650-800 950-1.000

 The price is in SEK including the VAT and breakfast. Rate 1 USD on 15 March 2000 was 8,71 SEK.

Venue of the forum
The forum will take place at Scania Convention Centre. 
Address: Stora Varvsgatan 15. 
Tel: +46-40-30 28 40 Fax: +46-40-30 25 82

Late May is a pleasant month to visit Sweden. The average temperature is between 15-20&degree;C during the day. 

The Swedish currency is Kronor (SEK). Major credit cards are widely accepted.

Electricity is 220V and 50 Hz with 2-hole sockets.

Co-ordinators at the Ministry
Mr Jakob Ström
Tel: +46-8-405 20 83
Fax: +46-8-10 38 07

 Ms Therese Wångblad
Tel: +46-8-405 26 91
Fax: +46-8- 10 38 07