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MENTOR (Marketplace for ENvironmental Training and On-line Resources) is a web-based platform that provides access to quality assured training courses and resources supporting capacity development in the areas of environmental protection and sustainable development.

MENTOR provides a prospectus of all training courses offered by UNEP and other relevant training programmes managed by strategic partners.  Many courses are available in an eLearning format.  The platform also provides access to a trainers network and various resources such as tools, guidelines, methodologies covering a range of environmental disciplines.  An online collaborative space provides a mechanism to share experiences and best practice among trainees in applying the skills acquired after completing courses or using resources. Courses, trainers and resources may be browsed by functional area or accessed through a simple search on thematic keywords.

Clients of MENTOR include professionals who are engaged in global, regional and national programmes aimed at keeping the environment under review.  The target group includes staff in national environmental ministries, scientific and research institutions, and non-governmental organizations.
MENTOR responds to the objectives of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity-building adopted by the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum of UNEP at its 23rd session in February 2005.  The platform also addresses the new programmatic directions for UNEP outlined in the Medium Term Strategy (MTS) 2010-2013 which proposes that UNEP will exercise environmental leadership in six cross-cutting thematic priority areas: climate change; disasters and conflicts; ecosystem management; environmental governance; harmful substances and hazardous waste; and resource efficiency – sustainable consumption and production. MENTOR will also support Delivering as One by providing easy access to capacity development resources that support the environmental sustainability dimension of country-level programming.

MENTOR platform components are:

  1. Resources (guidelines, methodologies, manuals,).
  2. An integrated set of codified courses/modules that defines a coherent course curriculum under the 14 categories and MTS six focal areas.
  3. An eLearning component to manage the delivery of interactive courses and/or modules in an eLearning format.
  4. A trainers network to underpin the delivery of the course curriculum.
  5. On-line communities of practice to share experience in specific programme areas e.g. environmental assessment, environmental law/diplomacy, cleaner production, etc).
  6. A monitoring and evaluation of impact component.