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News round-up: 2014

Marine and Coastal news round-up in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) Region
The news round-up aims at informing partners, stakeholders, national working groups and all interested persons on the news, events, activities and publications on the Western Indian Ocean region compiled from various sources that include our partners, projects/programmes, various websites, newspapers and articles. (Photo: Peter Prokosch, Source: GRID-Arendal http://www.grida.no/photolib/detail/crab-plover-dromas-ardeola-lamu-kenya_fdb0)

August, 2014

25 August 2014

Seychelles: Coastal adaptation at its best - Seychelles island restored coastline becomes recreational park

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Seychelles being a small island nation surrounded by the Indian Ocean remains vulnerable to the effects of climate change. One clearly visible sign of such vulnerability lies on the archipelago’s coastlines where several shorelines have been subjected to intense degradation and erosion.
North East Point in the northern part of the main island of Mahé, Anse La Mouche (Bay of the Fly) in the western part of Mahé and even the shoreline near the jetty on third most populated island of La Digue are examples of regions that have bared witness to coastal erosion mainly due to rising sea level as well as stronger waves which removes large portion of sand from the beaches.A project was initiated which has brought about a complete change of scenery as the area has not only been rehabilitated but it has also been turned into a recreational park.

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