As the world strives to cut greenhouse gas emissions and limit climate change, it is crucial to track progress towards globally agreed climate goals. For a decade, UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report has compared where greenhouse gas emissions are heading against where they need to be, and highlighted the best ways to close the gap.

Global trade flows in Mercury and it's consequences on health and environment.

Each year, an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. Did you know that personal care products are a major source of microplastics? They get washed away into the oceans through our bathrooms.

Beijing has made great strides in curbing vehicle emissions and pushing electric mobility, and in the process, improved the air quality for its 21 million citizens.

We’ve made progress, but we have a long way to go. It’s time for us all to comprehend the transformations that will be required to protect our planet’s health.

There is an enormous gap between what we need to do and what we’re actually doing to prevent dangerous levels of climate change.