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Swiss Government Calls for an Economy that Respects Planetary Boundaries

Swiss Report Provides Input to UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System
05/06/2015 00:00:00

Leading Financial Experts and Central Bank Chiefs, Members of UNEP's Inquiry Advisory Council, Call for Alignment of Financial Markets with Sustainability Needs

The UNEP Inquiry, launched in early 2014, is exploring what will potentially be one of the most important changes in our international economic landscape.
06/05/2015 00:00:00

UNEP Chief Warns of Tsunami of E-Waste at Conference on Chemical Treaties

At the Triple Conference of Parties of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions
05/05/2015 00:00:00

Official Opening Ceremony Expo Milano 2015

The UN Is Proud to Be at Expo Milano 2015 to Highlight the Cause of Food Security
30/04/2015 00:00:00

Regional Cooperation, Working with Demand Countries Key to Ending Wildlife Crime, Say African Nations

At the closing of the International Conference on Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora in Africa.
30/04/2015 00:00:00

Ahead of Paris Climate Talks, European Cities Embrace UNEP's District Energy Initiative

Another Important Step towards the Modernization of District Energy Systems in Europe and Central Asia
30/04/2015 00:00:00

UNEP and European Commission Step Up Cooperation

The EC and UNEP meet annually to address common challenges related to the global sustainability agenda.
29/04/2015 00:00:00

Zambia's Forest Ecosystems Contribute $1.3 Billion to the National Economy, Higher than Previously Thought

Economic Study Boosts Zambia's Efforts under its National REDD+ Process
28/04/2015 00:00:00

New Handbook Explores How Trade Can Drive the Transition to a Green Economy

Global Trade Reached US$23.4 Trillion in 2013, Highlighting Financial Power that Could be Harnessed for Sustainable Development.
28/04/2015 00:00:00

ASEAN Commits to Switch to Efficient Lighting

Harmonized standards and policy will slash energy consumption in ASEAN region.
28/04/2015 00:00:00

WTO and UNEP Enhance Dialogue on Trade and Environmental Issues

The event brought together leaders and renowned experts in the fields of trade and environment
28/04/2015 00:00:00

African Leaders to Develop Common Plan for Stopping Wildlife Crime

Conference to seek advancement of Africa-wide strategy to tackle illegal trade in wild fauna and flora.
27/04/2015 00:00:00

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