UNEP Pays Tribute to Environmental Film Maker and Former UNEP Speechwriter Robert Lamb Fri, Feb 17, 2012

Credit: Alternative Channel (alternativechannel.tv)

Nairobi, 17 February 2012 - One of the world's accomplished environmental film makers and a former speech writer to UNEP's second Executive Director, Mustapha Tolba, passed away in the United Kingdom in February 2012.

Robert Lamb, whose career began with the BBC and ITV, spent time also at organizations, including the International Institute for Environment and Development, IUCN and UNICEF.

"Robert combined the unique qualities of a rapier mind, a quick wit and ready smile with a vision of how to bring the environmental challenges facing future generations to audiences across the world.  We send condolences to his wife and family," said Nick Nuttall, Acting Director of the UNEP Division of Communications and Public Information and Spokesperson.

Among Robert's glittering achievements was to set up the Television Trust for the Environment (tve) in 1984 with the support of Dr Tolba and in collaboration with WWF and the UK's television company Central TV.

Robert also inaugurated a strategy, from 1993 onward, to establish a network of tve partners in over 40 countries who shared tve's aims of using film and video to increase environmental awareness.

On the 20th anniversary of the UNEP Governing Council, where tve was launched, Robert stepped down as director to concentrate full time on programme production. In 2005 Robert set up  OnePlanet Pictures and joined  Dev TV, a Swiss non-profit organisation, as Senior Executive Producer. 

One Planet Pictures was responsible for several new strands broadcast on BBC World News and other European channels including The World Challenge and Nature Inc.

Next week, at UNEP's Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum, UNEP will be displaying posters on milestones from the founding of UNEP in 1972 to the launch of the Green Economy Initiative.

The founding of tve in the mid 1980s is listed as one of those milestones for which we are proud and honoured to have been part of  with Robert and his many collaborators and friends.

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