Congratulatory Remarks by Ms. Amina Mohammed at Women's Rio+20 Good Practice Award Ceremony Tue, Jun 26, 2012

Women's Rio+20 Good Practice Award Ceremony


Congratulatory Remarks by Ms. Amina Mohammed,

Deputy Executive Director of UNEP

Your Excellencies Ministers and Deputy Ministers for the Environment,

Colleagues from the United Nations, Partners from the civil society,

Government representatives,

Good Afternoon!

This award ceremony has come at an opportune time as we commemorate 20 years of the Rio declaration, and in particular as we look back and reflect on the achievements that have been made by women in environmental management. By recognizing the winners of these awards, we have given recognition to the work and contribution that women, some with meager resources, have made towards environmental management in their communities.

UNEP is proud to be part of this event, which we hope will become an annual event and I wish to request that you join me in offering our hearty congratulations to the winners of the awards in the five categories.

Thank you!

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