Global climate debate on the sidelines of UNEA meeting: bringing optimism to build trust and political momentum Fri, Jun 27, 2014

Ahead of next big UN climate talks in Lima in December 2014, Ministers take the opportunity to gather informally to exchange views on climate change .

"The world is taking actions against climate change. But time is running out. How can we move faster?" This call engendered a lively discussion which took place at the working dinner on climate change, on 25 June 2014, on the margins of the first historical United Nations Environmental Assembly ? UNEA, in Nairobi, Kenya. .

During this informal working dinner on climate change organized by the three UNFCCC COP Presidencies: the incumbent - Poland (COP19) and the incoming - Peru (COP20) in partnership with France (COP21) and with the support of the UNEP, approximately two hundred delegates, including 70 ministers, exchanged views on how to jointly build the political momentum and forge the trust necessary to adopt - in 2015 - in Paris an ambitious global agreement on climate change, that would be applicable to all.

Opening remarks were made by the Executive Director of UNEP, Mr. Achim Steiner followed by the President of COP 19/CMP9 Minister Marcin Korolec from Poland, the President designate of COP 20/CMP10, Minister Manuel Pulgar Vidal from Peru as well as by the Adviser to the President of France, Madame Marie ? Hélène Aubert, who represented the future COP21/CMP11 Presidency. .

The exchange between participants created room for an informal, transparent and open discussion. Ministers reflected on how to build upon the achievements of COP19 in Warsaw and make Lima a successful springboard towards an agreement in Paris in 2015. .

The three COP Presidencies work jointly as the Troika to bring all parties together in a transparent, open and inclusive process to reach an agreement that would take into account the views of everyone and set the new paradigm for economic and social development. All countries are facing the consequences of climate change and all can win, thanks to international cooperation and agreement, or lose the opportunity for generations to come.

In their closing remarks the Troika of Presidencies stressed that: "we are in a time in which we are building the world that we wish, we want and we love, but we can't do it alone" - Manuel Pulgar Vidal, that we have the means to make the future agreement a "win win" document - Marcin Korolec, and that "we must stress benefits which everyone can draw from the future agreement and from climate action" ? Marie - Hélène Aubert.

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