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South South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism
The South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism, focusing on environment related issues, provides a platform for practitioners, governments, donors, communities and academia with a wealth of knowledge regarding replicable solutions implemented in the "south".
UNEP Bridging Gaps. Are you? Mind the Gap
This mini-series based on UNEP Bridging the Gap report, shows that solutions to keep average global temperature rise to below 2º C are available and being implemented in many different settings,...
Protecting our Atmosphere for Generations to Come: 25 Years of the Montreal Protocol
The signing of the Montreal Protocol in September 1987 launched an unprecedented global effort in the protection of the environment...
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UNEP Radio
Mr. Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director and United Nations Under-Secretary General, Podcast on the environment agenda
WE HAVE THE POWER efficient, renewable, affordable. Official launch in New
(19207774 Kb)    Posted on 09 December 2013 
UNEP Chief Scientist Jacqueline McGlade: The Emissions Gap Report 2014