Collaborative Initiatives


UNEP develops and maintains strong partnerships with other UN agencies, working on a range of substantive collaborative initiatives, drawing on the comparative advantages and unique perspectives of different parts of the UN system. The New York Office maintains continuous contacts with UN environmental focal points on programme activities, and helps to strengthen collaboration with various agencies. The Office also undertakes effective and regular liaison with relevant UN Departments and Offices, including the Executive Offices of the Secretary-General and the Office of the Deputy Secretary-General.




A substantive programmatic area that the New York Office has focussed on over the last couple of years is environmental health, and specifically,  children’s environmental health  , working closely with WHO and UNICEF.




Over the past years, the UNEP NYO has worked to substantially enhance collaboration with UNICEF. In March 2011, the Executive Directors of UNEP and UNICEF signed a letter of agreement on collaboration in a number of priority areas of action in which enhanced engagement between the two organizations can achieve significant impact towards common objectives, namely:  (i) climate change; (ii) child and youth participation; (iii) environmental education; and (iv) water and sanitation. While there is a significant history of UNEP-UNICEF collaboration, this renewed effort to solidify collaboration in practical ways is driven by the increasing gravity of environmental and climate change-induced threats to human well-being, and in particular of their implications for the survival and development of children, and is based on a high degree of correspondence between the needs and expectations of both organizations. The need to pursue the equity and sustainability agendas are the two core concepts informing this partnership.