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Globalizations and the Environment
February 2007
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Prof. Joseph Stiglitz,
who won the 2001 Nobel Prize for Economics, teaches at Columbia University in New York.
He explains how climate change has
globalized the consequences of pollution,
and describes an initiative that addresses
it and global poverty at the same time.

the most global issue
Connie Hedegaard,
Danish Minister of the Environment...

brinkmanship needed
...calls for political courage
and vision in managing the
environmental consequences of
Pascal Lamy,
Director-General of the World Trade Organization
... explains how freeing trade benefits rather than harms the environment by allowing resources to be distributed more efficiently.

friend not foe
Massoumeh Ebtekar,
Head, Board of Directors of the Centre for Peace and Environment, Tehran.
The 2006 Champion of the Earth says that the media have become an instrument of globalization, marketing consumerism — and calls for change.

market messengers
Gus Speth,
Dean of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University...
... surveys proposals for improving global environmental governance in an age of
globalization and cocludes that radical
change is needed.

beyond reform
John Elkins,
Executive Vice-President of Visa International and a member of the United Nations Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors...
...describes how business can help tackle
poverty and stimulate enterprise at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

banking on the poor
Sunita Narain,
Director, Centre for Science and Environment, India...
... calls for a political process to ensure that both the emerging global market and emerging ecological policies are managed for the common good.

wanted: political globalization
Martin Khor,
Director of the Third World Network...

paradigm clash
...describes how concern for suitable development is beginning to make headway over unfettered globalization.
South African rock star,
Johnny Clegg, known as the “White Zulu”...
...has started a company to recycle toxic waste, and has provided thousands of jobs.

turn the toxic tide