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Living Legacy
The Future of Forests
Sept 2008
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Table Of Contents

Carlos Minc, Environment Minister of Brazil and a UNEP Global 500 laureate....
.... sets out his programme for managing his country's forests sustainably.

five challenges - page 4
Ambassador Kevin Conrad, Executive Director of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations...

the greatest crime - page 8
.... describes the forces that cause deforestation, and outlines how to reverse it.

Frances Seymour, Director
General of the Centre for
International Forestry Research...
... explains the importance of research for
improving the state of the world's forests.

seeking solutions - page 10
Professor Ian Swingland, Founder of the Durrell Institute for Conservation and cology at The University of Kent...

credit is due - page 14
.... explains the importance of giving credits for reducing emissions from deforestation and calls for them to be widely adopted.
Nadia Johnson and Cate Owren, Program Coordinators for Economic and Social Justice and Sustainable Development at the Women’s
Environment and Development Organization, (WEDO)...
.... say that the forests — and the food, fuel and climate crises — must be seen from a gender perspective.

countless champions - page 16
Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP) members Ian Redmond, Ape Alliance, and Moses Mapesa and Aggrey Rwetsiba, Uganda Wildlife Authority... explain how forests need apes and elephants as much as apes and elephants need forests.

more than trees - page 18
Sara Scherr, President, Ecoagriculture Partners ...

marketing conservation - page 20
... explains how markets for forest products and ecosystem services can help communities conserve their resource.
Roberto S. Waack, CEO of Amata
S.A. and Chairman of the Forestry
Stewardship Council...
... reports on the power of certification in
sustainable forestry.

lights in the dark - page 25
Rudy Lumuru, Executive Director, and Norman Jiwan, researcher, Sawit Watch, Indonesia...

making oil well - page 28
... call for a rejection of the worst practices of palm oil production, and for a switch to sustainability.
Gordon Sumner — more commonly known as Sting... ... has campaigned for two decades to protect rainforests around the globe.

fragile - page 30