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This page contains links to websites to help you research issues related to Sustainable Development. Our Planet magazine does not, however, endorse the viewpoints of any of the groups to which we link, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information posted on these sites. Rather, we hope to provide you with a broad range of opinions and perspectives.


The official website of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 20-22 2012. Information for delegates, media, stakeholders and campaigners.

UNEP’s Rio+20 site provides a wide range of resources linked to the conference, including background briefings and policy notes, and a series of articles by politicians, businessmen and women, scientists, and civil society, drawing upon their unique views on the conference.

The official Brazilian government site with useful information for delegates and attendees. In English, Portuguese and Spanish.

World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability
Held immediately prior to Rio+20 (17-20 June), this high-level event will bring together legislators and senior judges from around the world to contribute to the outcome of Rio+20 by presenting its findings to the conference.

Stakeholder Forum
The Stakeholder Forum brings together many policy-makers, local governments, think-tanks, NGOs, schools and all kinds of community-based organizations to express their views at the conference.

The Future We Want
An opportunity to join the debate on Rio+20 and lend your personal perspective. The contributions will be compiled and turned into a multimedia exhibition to be shown at Rio, on the Internet and then around the world. Twitter: #futurewewant.

Rio+20 Dialogues
An online platform to ensure broad, democratic and diverse participation in the Sustainable Development Dialogues (Rio 16-19 June), bringing together experts and stakeholders from civil society, including private sector, NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups.

A social forum to discuss and exchange ideas and information on the conference.

World Environment Day 2012
Wondering how you can celebrate WED this year? Here are dozens of easy ideas to help you adapt to a new environmentally conscious lifestyle. Sign up to stay updated with what’s happening for World Environment Day. After June 5th, the site will feature a comprehensive round-up of the activities from around the globe.

Climate and Clean Air Coalition
As featured on page 18, a number of countries and UNEP have come together to initiate the first effort to combat pollutants that are short-lived in the atmosphere such as black carbon soot, methane and hydrofluorocarbons.

UNEP Foresight Report
A unique venture led by UNEP to identify and analyse 21 emerging environmental issues for the 21st Century.

UNEP Year Book 2012
Looking at key scientific issues in greater detail, the UNEP Year Book provides in-depth analysis of trending environmental topics.

Annual Report 2011
A fascinating and informative insight into UNEP’s progress in 2011, with snapshots of the organization’s vital work around the globe

UNEP’s flagship Global Environmental Outlook report, now in its fifth edition, provides information for policymakers on the state of the world’s environment and a series of in-depth case studies on how environmental degradation can be reversed and repaired.

Green Economy
The Green Economy unites all global citizens under the banner of sustainable development within the context of protecting and managing the world’s resources. Learn more here, with essential tools and background on the issues involved.

Expo 2012
This year’s major international Expo is in Yesou, South Korea, with the theme of Oceans and Coasts: Connecting Our Lives, Ensuring Our Future- The Choice is Yours. Learn more about the UN pavilion and involvement at this site.

UN Environmental Management Group
This site brings together all the UN’s cross-agency cooperation on environmental issues, with particular focus on Land, Biodiversity, the Green Economy, Sustainability and Environmental Governance.