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Advancing Ozone & Climate Protection Technologies: Next Steps

United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, July 21-22, 2012

Paris, 14 May 2012. Being organized by the United Nations Environment Programme, the United States Government, United Nations Development Programme, and the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, and supported by the European Commission, on the weekend prior to the meeting of the Montreal Protocol Open-Ended Working Group, this event is an effort to bring together industry, policymakers, environmental organizations, and academia to share information and expertise on various alternatives and approaches to ensure that the phase-out of CFCs and HCFCs is done in such as way as to limit the climate contribution of high GWP materials.

The conference will consider the full range of technology options available today and in the near future that will play a key role in this transition in the refrigeration, air conditioning and foams sectors. Technical presentations will provide current information on both non-fluorinated and fluorinated alternatives, as well as potential timelines and challenges for their continued implementation.  The conference will also include discussion of policies on HFCs, including those that could be addressed nationally, regionally, and at the global level by the Montreal Protocol.

The presentations will be designed for a wide audience including Montreal Protocol delegates, national ozone officers, and representatives from industry, environmental organizations, and academia.  Registration is free. Please visit to read more and to register.