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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 1999

Theme: What You Can Do to Protect the Ozone Layer

  • What You Can Do to Protect the Ozone Layer. A flyer that lists actions that different types of individuals can take to participate in ozone layer protection. For use in public awareness events that target consumers, homeowners, farmers, refrigeration servicing technicians, office workers, companies, teachers, community organizers, and citizens.

  • Public Awareness Posters
    Posters developed by UNEP as part of the 1999 International Ozone Day Celebrations (click on the small images below to see the full posters). These posters can be adapted for use in national Ozone Day public awareness events. Contact the Ozone Secretariat for hard copy versions.
  • Press Backgrounder
    An excellent overview of the Montreal Protocol's progress to-date, including basic facts and data on the science and politics of ozone protection. Although this fact sheet was developed by the Ozone Secretariat for use by journalists, it is useful to the general public as well. Ozone Secretariat, Updated May 1999.
  • Information about International Ozone Day 1999 .
    The following information is available from the Ozone Secretariat's web site at:

    - Press release
    - Letter to Governments and Environmental NGOs
    - Ozone Safe Products
    - Points on Ozone Issues