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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2006

Theme: Protect the Ozone Layer, Save Life on Earth

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  • Are you in search of ideas on how to celebrate Ozone Day this year? Or perhaps you would like to do something different from what you did last year? For ideas, we invite you to see what some countrie did in 2005.
    Ozone Day activities in 2005
  • For its Children's News programme, Finnish TV channel MTV3 prepared a short documentary that used UNEP's Ozzy Ozone video along with interviews of a prominent personality to educate kids about ozone protection. Why not use a similar approach in your country?
    Video clip (Finnish)
    Script of the Children's News segment (English)
  • Protecting the Ozone Layer - The African Response - This video is a compilation of Africa's contribution towards the protection of the ozone layer. An excellent tool to promote ozone awareness in schools and universities.
    Video of The African Response
  • Ozone Officers can get specific ideas on what they should do from a guidance letter prepared by UNEP. Read this informative letter sent by the Head of the DTIE OzonAction Branch to all National Ozone Units (NOUs).
    Read the letter

OzonAction Programme

This Ozone Day, the OzonAction Programme is promoting the use of a new OzonAction Education Pack - A guide for primary school teachers tht has been developed by UNEP, UNESCO and WHO and financed by the Multilateral Fund. The Pack contains an entire teaching and learning programme based on basic knowledge, practical skills and participation, for students to learn about concrete and simple solutions to protect the ozone layer and safely enjoy the sun. Why not download the education pack available in English, French and Spanish and distribute in schools in your country?

OzonAction Education Pack

Ozone Secretariat Website

Visit the Ozone Secretariat's web site to obtain material and information to support your Ozone Day celebrations.

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