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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2011

How countries celebrated Ozone Day 2011

World Meterological Organisation

Preserve the Ozone Layer, Protect the Global Climate System

Geneva, 16 September 2011 (WMO) – This year’s International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is meant to serve as a rallying call to accelerate the phase-out of chemicals which destroy the Earth’s fragile shield and which are also powerful greenhouse gases... Read more


On the occasion of International Ozone Day, the National Ozone Unit of Albania publishedan Ozone Day poster.


Les activitées réalisées en Andorra pour la célébration de la journée de protection de la couche d'ozone:

  • Visit à la station de réference urbaine de surveillance de la qualité de l'air réalisée le 16 septembre.
  • Le jeu d'Ozzy
  • Lecture animée de la bande déssinée "l'Ozzy se'n va als pols."

Voir la rapport


Commémoration vendredi del a Journée Mondiale de la Préservation de la Couche d'Ozone

Luanda — La Journée Mondiale pour la Préservation de la Couche d' Ozono, que l'on commémore le 16 septembre de chaque année, est une opprotunité pour une réflexion conjointe et concertée sur la nécessité de la réalisation des actions et adoptions des

comportements qui contribuent à la proctection du vieux protecteur des être humains sur la terre .



The National Ozone Unit organised the following activities:

  • Broadcasting of the documentary video: The Antarctic Ozone Hole - From Discovery to Recovery -a Scientific Journey.
  • School biking with the Minister of Nature Protection accompanied by the Regional Governor of Vayots Dzor, the Mayor of Jermuk, the Leader of “Miasin” (together) Youth Organization, journalists and a number of environmental Activists in the town of Jermuk.
  • Awareness raising seminars in the high educational institutions.
  • Press conference at the “Armat” press center with further highlight of the International Ozone Day on different TV channels and radio stations.
  • TV Programme on the International Ozone Day on Yerkir Media TV Channel.
  • Special Issue of the TV Programme “Crossroad of Opinions” on the International Ozone Day on “Yerevan” TV Channel.
  • Special news issues on the International Ozone Day on ArmNews TV Channel with a visit to Amberd Ozone Station.
  • Informational Postcards with the cover page designed by a child were widely distributed at the pharmacies, libraries, schools and among journalists and different government stakeholders (ministries and other services).
  • Postcards made by the members of the “Molorak” children’s environmental club and sent out to the stakeholders.
  • Eco‐bags for multiple use have been prepared and distributed to the students and other Stakeholders.
  • USB keys with information on the ozone layer have been prepared and distributed to the students and other stakeholders.

View detailed report

Armenia marks Ozone Day: Government member rides bicycle

JERMUK. -The world marks on Friday the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, and, on that occasion, the Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection organized a study tour to Jermuk city. Read more...


The following activities were held to commemorate Ozone Day in Azerbaijan:

A presentation of the website “Azerbaijan and Problems of Ozone Layer ” http://www.ozon-az.web44.net was conducted by the chief of NGO «ECOSCOPE» Ms. Chimnaz Shabanova (expert of Institutional Strengthening Project) on 9 September, 2011 in the NATO International Center for the members of “GREEN BIKERS CLUB”. Production of two PSAs: one featuring Li Bing Bing (replication of Ms. Universe Natalie Glebova’s PSA in Maldives) and another with the UNEP Executive Director. Read more...


Children art competition marking International Ozone Day

DHAKA, Sept 9 (BSS)- Department of Environment arranged a painting competition for children on the occasion of the International Ozone Day 2011.

Around 300 children from different educational institutions participated in the competition held at Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University.


Ozone day report in Bangladesh
PM calls for intensified campaign for Ozone awareness


The foundation for education, science, culture and sport 'Iskra Znanja', the Ministry of Foreign and Trade and the Ozone Unit BH together in cooperation made an action plan to implement the project 'Save the Ozone Layer'.

  • Webpage of the projectis designed www.iskraznanja.org
  • Educational facilities, slides with messages about the ozone layer and its role in protecting the planet.
  • Anonline quiz for elementary and high schools students
  • Preliminary design of leaflets topromote the project were distributed to school students.
  • Billboards were displayed from 1-16 September on the streets of Sarajevo. From 16-30 September the billboards were displayed on the streets of Banja Luka.
  • Invitations to NGOs and Government institutions for the celebration of Ozone Day.
  • Ozone day banners were printed.



Winners and runners-up of the first ever National Inter-Sectoral Quiz competition held on 11 and 16 August 2011 will receive awards of cash prizes and certificates on Ozone day.

This event was attended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Ministry of Health, Royal Audit Authority, Department Revenue and Customs, Teachers of Drugyal Higher Secondary School, Association of Bhutan Industries and Hotel Association of Bhutan.

Dasho Paljor J. Dorji, Deputy Minister, Advisor to the National Environment Commission, was the chief guest of the event. The four finalists were Royal Audit Authority, Association of Bhutan Industries, Department of Revenue and Customs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Royal Audit Authority was the winner of the quiz competition closely followed by the Association of Bhutan Industries in the runners-up.

The Quiz competition will be broadcasted on television on International Ozone day.

Schools will also celebrate Ozone day through competitions and songs on ozone and representatives from the National Ozone Units (NOU) and the National Environment Commission will also take part in some activities. The NOU has received a number of proposals from the schools requesting for assistance to carry out activities on that day.


Production of two PSAs: one featuring Li Bing Bing (replication of Ms. Universe Natalie Glebova’s PSA in Maldives) and another with the UNEP Executive Director.

A meeting of HCFC consuming organizations, businesses and instituteswith 20 to 30 media people to cover the event on HCFC elimination.


En el marco de la celebración del “Día Internacional de la Protección de la Capa de Ozono”, la Unidad Técnica Ozono del Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible de la República de Colombia, realizó actividades de sensibilización y capacitación, durante todo el mes de septiembre, orientadas a diferentes públicos: niños, jóvenes y adultos, sobre la necesidad de conocer y contribuir con el cuidado de la capa de ozono, en beneficio tanto de la salud humana, como de la vida en general del planeta. Leer mas


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Broadcasting of the documentary video: The Antarctic Ozone Hole - From Discovery to Recovery -a Scientific Journey.
  • Exercise on de-gassing of old and unused fridges.
  • A whole page in a local newspaper on ozone related issues.

Ozone day webpage by Cook Islands: http://www.environment.gov.ck/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=136:16th-september-world-ozone-day&catid=58:events


This year's theme ‘HCFC phase-out: a unique opportunity’ represents a unique opportunity for all of us to do something to preserve the ozone layer and reduce the impact on climate change. On the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol in 2007, it was decided to speed up the phase out of HCFC consumption and production. HCFCs are both ozone-depleting substances and powerful greenhouse gases: the most commonly used HCFC is nearly 2,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide in adding to global warming. In order to benefit the ozone layer and prevent negative impacts on climate, it is of exceptional importance to use new alternative technologies which are also more energy efficient. HCFC phase-out presents countries and individuals with a unique opportunity, through the selection of cutting-edge technologies for substituting substances that deplete the ozone layer, to lower their own and their national energy costs and maximize climate benefits. This year's theme is especially significant since implementation of HCFC phase-out projects in countries (including Croatia) covered by Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol is underway.



International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was celebrated in the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) of the Czech Republic, where two blocks of presentations regarding the ozone layer and its protection were held.

In the first group, invited delegates of the Czech professional public and journalists were informed about:

  • Currently solved issues under the Montreal Protocol (by Jana Borská and Klára Wajdová, both Ministry of the Environment).
  • The state of the ozone layer above the Czech Republic (by Karel Vaníček, Director of Solar and Ozone Observatory of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Hradec Králové).
  • Monitoring of the Ozone Layer and UV-radiation in Antarctica (by Michal Janouch, Solar and Ozone Observatory of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Hradec Králové).
  • Health hazards in the Czech Republic caused by thinning of the Ozone Layer (by Karel Ettler, Head of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, University Hospital Hradec Králové).

The second part was organized for representatives of Embassies of those countries which are partners with the Czech Republic in the protection of the Ozone Layer. Representatives were informed about the results of international cooperation, actual projects and about fields which could be possible for further cooperation:

  • Monitoring of the Ozone Layer: Czech experience and co-operation with other countries (by Karel Vaníček, Director of Solar and Ozone Observatory of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Hradec Králové).
  • Monitoring of the Ozone Layer and UV-radiation in Antarctica (by Michal Janouch, Solar and Ozone Observatory of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Hradec Králové).
  • Cooperation of the Czech Republic with the Regional Ozone Network for Europe and Central Asia (by Klára Wajdová, Acting Director of Department of Multilateral Relations, MoE).
  • Technologies in the Czech Republic promoting protection of the Ozone ayer (by Jana Borská, National Focal point to the Montreal Protocol, Air Protection Department, MoE).


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Government workshop (Inter-Ministry) on Tuesday 13th Sept.
  • Workshop for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Stakeholders (Thursday 15th Sept
  • 16 and 17 September - Newspaper Supplements, distribution of Awareness materials to Schools through Ministry of Education.
  • Two new posters will be produced for the event as well as other awareness materials.

Clean-up to mark Ozone Day

GIZ Proklima

GIZ Prolkima is hosting an event on Ozone day at GIZ headquarters in Eschborn. Proklima will inform about the ozone layer, ozone layer depletion and highlight its projects towards saving the ozone layer and avoid global warming.


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Erection of Ozone Day Banner on 8 September
  • Radioquiz between12 - 16 September
  • News release in local newspaper on 13 September
  • Live GIS TV interview - Spice mornings on 15 September
  • On 16 September there will be a commemorative address by the Minister of Environment; a scholarship Programme award ceremony for 2011/12012 recipients; one- hour television programme with PSAs, ozone videos and message; distribution of public awareness materials (t-shirts, pens, water bottles, mugs etc.); newspaper articles.

Grenada Observes National OzoneDay
National Ozone Unit leads by example with Hydrocarbon Technology


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • 5 Sept - Ceremonial and Awareness Meeting on the Transition to CFC-free MDI Products to celebrate the total phase-out of CFCs in MDI manufacturing in Iran.
  • 6 Sept – HPMP Inception Meeting and 4th HPMP Consultative and Awareness Workshop.
  • 7 Sept – National Gathering to celebrate the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

All three events to be attended by representatives from the Ozone Secretariat, the Multilateral Fund Secretariat, UNIDO, UNEP, GIZ, government officials and the media.


Iran celebrates World Ozone Day


TERRE policy centre in association with the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests, and the United Nations Safe Planet Campaign have organized a two-days event on 15th September and 16th September. he National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • A workshop for journalists on 15th September 2011 in association with Pune University’s Journalism Department.
  • A power point competition for students and received more than 800 entries. The prize distribution will be held on 16th September by the Minister of Technology, Government of India.

View programme

Launch of E-Learning Package

The International Day for Protection of Ozone Layer, September 16, 2011 was celebrated in a unique manner at Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi. CAPS has been playing an important role in the global efforts for protection of Ozone layer by sensitising the military in India and abroad, on management of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) in their organisation. As part of this effort, CAPS and UNEP, in a collaborative endeavour, have produced an e-learning package (CD) for training the military personnel on how to manage their operations in the era of ODS phase out. Read more...


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • A seminar for high school students in the morning of 16 Sept. About 100 students will attend the event.
  • The ozone award trophy to several outstanding persons in Ozone management will be awarded by the Minister.Traditional dances and songs will also be performedatthe event which will be held at the Ozone Cluster exhibition in the Science Technology Center, Indonesia.


Celebration to commemorate World Ozone Day
Indonesian HCFC Commitment is solid
Agriculture Quarantine Agency was Awarded 'Ozone Award 2011


Jamaica makes plans for phasing out HCFCs starting 2013

The National Ozone Unit at the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) will lead the charge in 2013 to reduce the importation of hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) into Jamaica. The goal is to phase out HCFCs by 2030. To increase awareness on this important initiative Jamaica will commemorate International Ozone Day 2011 under the theme: HCFC phase-out: a unique opportunity.


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Introduce "Ozone Layer Protection Action month" in Japan. (Press release: http://www.env.go.jp/en/headline/headline.php?serial=1640).
  • During this month, national and local governments will make intensive efforts to increase public awareness towards ozone layer protection and fluorocarbon countermeasures, including the Law Concerning the Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons which is the domestic law in Japan.
  • Poster and webpage for the Ozone Layer Protection Action Month
    http://www.env.go.jp/earth/ozone/month/index.html(in Japanese language)
  • The Question & Answer on the poster of penguins means:
    "Q. What is the additional advantage for ozone layer protection?"
    "A. The effort to protect ozone layer would lead to prevent global warming."
    Poster of penguins


The National Ozone Unit organisedthe following activities:

  • A Poster Competition at Primary school level.
  • A quiz on ozone layer protection.
  • Drama to be performed by youth (it will be based on this year’s Ozone day theme).
  • T-Shirts with this year’s Ozone day theme, Ozone slogan & logos design will be distributed.
  • A showcase for technicians.
  • Pamphlets & posters will be printed and distributed.


The National Ozone Unit held thefollowing activities for the preservation of the Ozone Layer:

  • On 16 September the Republican Public Association (RAC) 'Ecoholod' carried out an ecological action 'HCFC phase out: a unique opportunity'.
  • On 16 September members of the public ecologic association 'Kaiberen' faculty ofthe Dept of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Conservation of the Institute of Mining, carried out an ecological action 'Save ozone - save the Earth'.
  • On 19 and 21 September a workshop was organised bythe Dept of Technology of the Agricultural Production processing' of the Technology faculty of the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University Osmonalieva KN.



Protection de la couche d'ozone: Journée mondiale célébrée ce jour!

La Journée internationale de la préservation de la couche d'ozone est célébrée ce jour au Motel de Tana à Anosy. On attend la présence effective et agissante d'un parterre de scientifiques et d'amoureux de la nature, venus disserter sur les voies et moyens de protéger notre planète de la lente dégradation dont elle fait l'objet, du fait de l'incurie de ses principaux habitants que sont les hommes.



The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Special Edition of the Pemphis.
  • Official News Release (to all media outlets;
  • Special News Report on media Channel
  • Awareness programmes on all media Channels.
  • School Level Activities-art competition.
  • Awareness leaflets
  • Annual Ozone Day Bicycle Race.
  • Awareness workshop for R&AC servicing technicians.
  • Awareness workshop for R&AC servicing technicians.
  • Adapt Public Service Announcement (PSA) to DHIVEHI and broadcast through all TV channels.

For more details on the above activities,please see attached document.


International Ozone Day - 16 September 2011

This year, the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer with the theme: “HCFC phase-out: a unique opportunity” focuses on the phasing out of hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). This is in line with the decision to accelerate the phase-out of production and consumption of HCFCs agreed upon by the 19th Meeting of the Parties (MOP) on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Montreal Protocol in September 2007.



The National Ozone Unit organised thefollowing activities:

  • RMIEPA visit to Kwajalein
  • A Workshop on ODS for Importers and Technicians
  • Side events
  • Awareness raising on ODS to schools and communities of Ebeye, Kwajalein Atoll
  • Visitto Carlos Islet
  • Special site visit to Illeginni Islet and Eniwetak Islet.


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Organize Press Conference.
  • Prepare a Press release on the Ozone Day which will be delivered to reporters during the conference and translation of UNEP materials.
  • Organize a second scientific lecture on “Global ecological crisis and ozone layer protection issues” in collaboration with the Faculty of Earth Science and Geography at the National University of Mongolia.
  • TV awareness program participation of students from the University of Science and Technology of Mongolia.
  • ’Ozone Family “article will be written and published.
  • Interview on Ulaanbaatar Decleration-2.
  • Prepare Ozone Newsletter focusing on the Ozone Day and HCFC phase out which will be printed and distributed.
  • Production of PSAs: featuring Ms B Gantogoo, Miss Mongolia, and Environmental friendly Eco Mission of the Government of Mongolia and Earth Miss of the Government of India.

View Report ofMongolia' Ozone Day celebration


For the occasion of Ozone Day the Envrionmental Protection Agency/NOU organised the following activities:

  • A workshop on HPMP 'Implementation in Montenegro on 9 September.
  • Lectures in a primary school 'Milorad Musa Burzan' andin a secondary school 'Mirko Vesovic' inPodgorica.
  • An art competition in all primary schools in Montenegro on selected themes.
  • Promotion materials (eco bags, notepads, recycled pencils and hats).
  • Activities were covered by the media (Radio Tivat, Radio Herceg Novi and an article in 'Vijesti).
  • A press release on Ozone Day was published on the EPA website.



The ceremony of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was held at Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar on 16 September 2011 in the Inngyin hall, Forest Department, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

First of all, Chairman of National Environmental Conservation Committee (NECC)Union Minister for Environmental Conservation and Forestry U Win Tun delivered the opening speech at the ceremony.

Secondly, Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP Dr. Min Htut Yin read out the message sent by the UN-Secretary-General and video clips on ozone layer protection was presented. Those present then observed the booths exhibited in commemoration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Read more...


Climate Change Policy stressed on Ozone Day

Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has stressed for national and international efforts for the protection of the ozonosphere as the ultraviolet radiation results adverse effect on human life.

Giving a message on the occasion of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on Friday, the prime minister said that four decades have been passed since the debate that the ozone layer was being depleted due to chlorofluorocarbon, methyl bromide and other substances produced from the human activities.



Ozone Day: NGO tasks FG on use of equipment

BENIN CITY – As the world marks the International Ozone Day today, the Executive Director and founder of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), save the Ozone-Nigeria (STOz), Mr. Ozaveshe Ade Balogun has called on the Federal Government to put to use equipment donated by the United National Development Programme (UNDP), to the country to phase out Ozone depleting substances in Nigeria.



The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Publish a poster commemorating International Ozone Day.
  • Print posters and banners to create awareness on Ozone Day.
  • Poster painting competition.
  • Supplements in National Dailies on Ozone issues.
  • Organise a function in a local School on Ozone Day.


Poster: Save the ozone layer

International Ozone Day 2011


The Government of Panama has prepared an official statement to commemorate International Ozone day.

16 de septiembre se celebra el Día Internacional de Protección de la Capa de Ozono, instituido por las Partes en el Protocolo de Montreal, conmemorando así el aniversario 24 de la firma del Protocolo de Montreal en 1987, el cual ha permitido eliminar gradualmente la producción y consumo de la mayoría de las sustancias agotadoras del ozono a nivel mundial. Read more


El Perú, como país miembro del Protocolo de Montreal, se aunó a las celebraciones por el Día Internacional de la Preservación de la Capa de Ozono. Por tal motivo, el Ministerio de la Producción, a través de la Oficina Técnica de Ozono (OTO) y en coordinación con el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo – PNUD, llevó a cabo diversas actividades informativas conmemorando esta fecha tan importante.



The National Ozone Unitorganised the following activities:

  • Printing and display of 53 International Ozone Day streamers in partner agencies’ and regional offices’ lobbies/buildings for the whole month of September.
  • Updating and announcing of Ozone Day celebrations in the website: http://emb.gov.ph/philozone/philozone.htm;
  • 1 Sept 2011: 15-mins radio interview of National Ozone Officer over DZEM from 0730-0745hrs.
  • 5 Sept 2011: Ozone Day and Ozone month talk and announcement focused on the HCFC phaseout - during the flag ceremony of Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • 5-12 Sept 2011: Sixteen (16) Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Regional Offices (ROs) to make the HCFC phase out announcement during the flag ceremony in the Regional Offices.
  • 16 Sept 2011: TV and/or radio interviews of Regional Executive Directors (REDs) and/or Regional Directors (RDs) in regional offices which are able to organize such.
  • 16 Sept 2011: Full-page spread in one major daily broadsheet to focus on HCFC phaseout.
  • Distribution of documentaries to TV stations to be broadcasted in September;
  • ODS Phaseout Steering Committee meeting; Forum on the alternatives to HCFC during the last week of Sept;
  • Show documentary videos in selected schools in National Capital Region and the 16 regional offices.

EMB conducts massive information campaign on ozone’s present state, protection
UN International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer


On September 16, 2011, the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was celebrated in Moscow for the first time in the history of the Russian Federation. This event was jointly timed with the commencement of the implementation of the Project for ODS phase out in the Russian Federation. The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was held with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation (MNRE), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and State Polytechnic College #19.

The State Polytechnic College #19 was selected as a venue. It is virtually the only operating Russian state educational institution where installation and service technicians may receive training in working with air conditioning, ventilation, industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. It is well-known that substances used in household, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems cause severe damage to the ozone layer of our planet. Read more...


As part of its celebration of World Ozone Day 2011 Saint Lucia will be undertaking the following initiatives during the week leading up to Ozone Day:

  • HCFC Phase-out Management Plan Launch on Wednesday, 12th September 2011
    Ozone Layer Depletion Article in Talking Sustainable Development Column - Voice Newspaper
  • Updating Saint Lucia's National Ozone Unit Website
  • Production of BPA free bottle with an ozone layer protection message and sunscreen set
  • Article inserts in the Sustainable Development and Environment Division Newsletter (NeXus)
  • Press Releases
  • Airing of an Ozone Video - Choice TV
  • Sizzling Ozone Day Sale on recovery and recycling equipment for the refrigeration and air conditioning sector
  • Minister's Ozone Address
  • Radio Talks Shows
  • Text Messages with Ozone Friendly Message to the general public



The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Poster display in the main centre.
  • T-shirts to carry out the message on HCFC phaseout.
  • Articles in the National newspapersfeaturing articles about Ozone depleting substances, in particular HCFC phaseout.

All activities will take place in the main centre at Honiara.


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Preparatory workshop for Ozone day was held on 24 June 2011. The Theme of the workshop was 'Inter Relationship between Ozone Layer Depletion Global Warming.' The workshop was a jointly organised by the Ministry of Education and the National Ozone Unit.
  • National competitions among school children - poster, painting, oratory, essay, ozone quiz, drama, ozone Virudu, powerpoint presentation on the theme 'Why we must protect the Ozone Layer.'
  • Competition for Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Technicians who are following AC & Ref courses at Government Technical Colleges (GTC). There are around 1000 technicians currently undergoing training at GTC who will participate in this programme.
  • Publishing of articles/programmes/documentaries related to Ozone Layerfrom 01/01/2011-31/08/2011 by journalists attached to electronic and print media.
  • Stakeholders National Level Exhibition - refrigeration manufacture sectors, aerosol manufacture sectors, retrofitting sectors, recovery and recycling sector, Import and Export Dept, Sri Lanka Customs, Tea Research Institute, Sri Lanka Tea Board, Registrar of Pesticide Office, Ozone friendly Tea Exporters.
  • Awardingceremony towinners of the above competitions willbe held on 16 Sept. The event will be attended by the Honorable Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka asGuest of Honor and Honorable Namal Rajapaksha, the Chairman of the Development Committee of Hambanthota District, Member of the Parliament and Son of His Excellency, the President of Sri Lanka as Chief Guest. It will be conducted in Debarawewa Central College in Hambanthota.

World Ozone Day Commemorated in Sri Lanka


The Hydrochlorofluorocarbon Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) for St. Vincent and the Grenadines was officially launched on September 16th 2011 as part of World Ozone Day celebrations following the approval of the project by the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund. This year’s Ozone Day celebration was commemorated under the theme: “HCFC Phase-out a unique opportunity.

The National Ozone Unit of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) hosted a cocktail ceremony to launch the HPMP which was approved at a cost of $US469, 915.00 for an accelerated phase out of HCFCs by 2025. SVG is the first country in the Latin America and the Caribbean region to have gained approval for an accelerated phase out of HCFCs.



The National Ozone Unit of the Committee on Environment Protection within the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan testifies its highest consideration to UNEP and expresses its gratitude for support to Tajikistan in realization of National Program on ODS phase out.

  • Round table”: meeting with workers of Association “Artificial Cold Center” and with entrepreneur stakeholders (refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians, ODS importers), whose activities is connected with HCFC (ODS) use; the theme of meeting: HCFC phase out: unique possibility”;
  • Meeting with customs officers; the theme of meeting: “Revelation and preventive measures of illegal ODS import;
  • Issue and distribution of training and thematic literature: “International and national normative documents of ozone layer protection” – 300 copies and “Ozone layer and consequences of its destruction” – 500 copies, among educational institutions and partners, whose activities is connected with ODS use;
  • Thematic speech and demonstration of film on “Jahonamo” Central TV channel on the theme “16th September – International Ozone Day. Interconnection of climate change and ozone layer destruction”;
  • Two (2) booklets “About the measures, undertaken by the Republic of Tajikistan on ozone layer conservation” and “Problems, connected with transition to alternative refrigerants” were prepared and issued in 300 copies each;
  • Meeting with schoolchildren and thematic speech on the theme: “We protect the ozone layer for the life on the Earth”. Read more...


Minister in plea for preservation of Ozone Layer

The Minister in plea for preservation of ozone layer Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Environment) Dr. Therezya Luoga has stressed the importance of individual efforts to preserve the ozone layer by minimizing the impacts caused by commodities purchased for domestic and commercial use.

The minister made the call in Dar es Salaam yesterday ahead of the International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer, which will be held at national level in Arusha.



Local Firms to Get Funding to Protect Environment
Ozone Protection in Top Gear as CO2 Emission Drops


The National Ozone Unit will hold a live debate on television on ozone issues particularly the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in the country, and other related issues. The debate will consist ofa representative from the importers, the Minister, one Member of Parliament, andsomeone from civil society.


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • 12-13 Sept: Broadcast the documentary video on the National television.
  • 12-13 Sept: Launch National Drama for Ozone and Broadcast it on
    National Television
  • 12-16Sept:Quiz, poetry and singing competition on ozone layer to be aired on FM radio.
  • 14-15 Sept:TV and Radio awareness program ( HCFC phase-out: a
    unique opportunity).
  • 16 Sept:National Stakeholders Workshop and Prize Award. The
    Minister will be the guest of honour and will be invited to
    convey the opening remarks.
  • The main issues for discussion during the workshop will be Tonga’s HCFC quota system andtheIndustry Refrigeration Association.
  • Participants will be given T-shirts with this year’s Ozone day theme on it to wear during the workshop.
  • TheMedia has been invited for cover the workshop.

Ozone Day report


In the light of the fact that the Vienna Convention on the Ozone Layer Protection and the Montreal Protocol were ratified by our country in 1993, and in 2008 Turkmenistan has joined to the Copenhagen, Montreal and Beijing amendments to the Montreal Protocol, Turkmenistan also celebrates this important today holiday.

On September 16, 2011 the workshop devoted to the Word Ozone Layer Protection Day was held in the building of the Institute of Botany of Turkmenistan.

The workshop was timed to the working meeting on the creation of the RAC Association. The meeting was held as per approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan schedule of the planned events. Among the participant were the directors of the firms dealing with maintenance of the refrigerating engineering of the leading manufacturers such as: BEKO, Samsung, LG, Akira etc., the representatives of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan.



Eco-friendly credentials on display as EMAL Supports International Ozone Day

Ozone protection is embodied within EMAL’s core value of “Protection of the Environment”. On the occasion of International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, 16th September 2011, EMAL re-inforced its commitment for excellence in environmental action and continues to introduce new programmes to educate employees about their environmental responsibilities.


Ecological Marathon OZON.UZ gains momentum

Results of the Ecological Marathon Ozon.uz exceeded all expectations and the marathon proved to be the most global event arranged by the National Ozone Unit of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
What brought together more than 20 thousand schoolchildren, students, teachers, young entrepreneurs and specialists of the Main Department of Air protection of the State Committee for Nature Protection of Uzbekistan? The answer is quite simple – a chance to participate in various arrangements and activities in frames of the ecological marathon.

All activities carried out in the process of preparation of the arrangements were intended to:
• summarize general information on activities aimed to protect the ozone layer;
• inform of the main features of O3 and the ozone layer;
• encourage thinking about the ozone layer, its vulnerability and the necessity to protect it;
• recall to actions and activities aimed to improve personal protection from harmful UV irradiation of the Sun.



The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • Broadcasting a series of documentaries in the local network – one documentary a week to Ozone Day.
  • Translation of UNEP materials to local dialect.
  • Competition for the Unit's slogan and HPMP slogan.
  • Displays and information-sharing by industries about their 'end' and about the Montreal Protocol and obligations of the country.


The National Ozone Unit is planningthe following activities:

  • A ten minute documentary film has been developed and will be broadcasted on 15 and 16 September on Vietnam TV.
  • An Ozone Newsletter focusing on the Ozone Day and HCFC phase out has been prepared and printed, and will be distributed.
  • A meeting with representatives from the mass media will be conducted in Hanoi on 16 Sept.A press releasehas been prepared and will be delivered to reporters during the meeting.
  • Several articles have been sent to newspapers for publishing.

Phase out of climate gases on target
Vietnam to receive 10 million USD for HCFCs control


BCC complies with ozone protection laws

Bulawayo City Council has phased out halogenated fire extinguishers and ambulances in compliance with the fight against the depletion of ozone layer.

This was revealed by the Bulawayo mayor Patrick Thaba Moyo during the commemoration of the World Day at the Bulawayo Large City Hall this week. Read more...