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Welcome to the 2011 webpage for International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

You may come from the Montreal Protocol global community and want to commemorate

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.  Below are suggestions of

resources you may like to use in planning your activities for this event.

The Secretary-General's Message on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

UN Secretary General  Ban Ki-moonThe international community adopted the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer to protect the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In more than 24 years of successful implementation, the Protocol has been gradually strengthened to cover the phase-out of nearly 100 ozone-depleting substances.  Read more  

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Letter to the National Ozone Units

The Ozone Secretariat has announced that the theme of this year’s Ozone Day is ‘HCFC phase-out: a unique opportunity’. This is indeed an appropriate theme since Article 5 countries are focusing on preparing and implementing their HCFC Phase-out Management Plans (HPMPs), with the short term objective of meeting the first control measure – the freeze in HCFC consumption and production in 2013, less than two years away.  Read more in: 

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 Additional Guidance for International Ozone Day


Documentary video: The Antarctic Ozone Hole – from Discovery to Recovery, a Scientific Journey

This 15 minute documentary presents leading atmospheric scientists describing in simple and compelling terms the evolution of the Antarctic Ozone Hole from its discovery in 1985 by the British Antarctic Survey through to the present day situation, prognosis for its recovery and linkages with climate change.  This full-length version of the documentary will be available on 16 September on this webpage.

However, we are happy to release the short trailer in the international version which National Ozone Units can translate into local languages and have it broadcast on national television stations.  The trailer is available upon request through your respective Regional CAP team.

  Audio transcript
  Full video in English

  Full video in French

Please click on the above link to download the full version of the short documentary. This link will lead you to the WeTransfer Platform. Once in the WeTransfer website, click on the button download to start the download.

Risk Assessment on Illegal Trade in HCFCs

This report provides a summary of recent cases of illegal trade in HCFCs and the policy measures in place to combat smuggling of ozone depleting chemicals. By considering market conditions for HCFCs and drawing parallels with the context and methods used by smugglers which led to chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) smuggling, the report provides an analysis of the risks of HCFC smuggling becoming entrenched and makes recommendations on how this illegal trade can be prevented.

 Barriers to the use of low GWP Refrigerants in Developing Countries & Opportunities to Overcome these

This report identifies and examines the range of barriers which currently exist to the adoption of low to zero global warming potential alternatives to HCFCs in developing countries, considers various ways of overcoming these barriers. 

Summary report

OzonAction Special IssueThe OzonAction Newsletter/Special Issue

This Special Issue is entitled: Tipping the Balance - Toward Climate Protection through the HCFC Phase-Out. 

It will be distributed at the Meeting of the Parties in November 2011.

2010 International Ozone Day Country Activities

Last year some countries held various interesting activities for Ozone day.  For further ideas please visit the 2010 Ozone Day website to see how countries around the world celebrated Ozone Day last year.    

Virtual Tour Website - revamped

The Virtual Tour is a grassroots campaign committed to fight against climate change through the HCFC phase-out opportunity. After a short break the Virtual Tour is on the Road Again! The Virtual Tour’s next stop includes Antarctica, Bali and Durban where the climate negotiations will take place.

Be part of the Blog

We would like to encourage you to get more active on the Virtual Tour. Please feel free to send a message for International Ozone Day that will be posted at


COOL IT ! - Poster

A new poster for National Ozone Units (NOUs) on HCFC Phase-out downloadable in PDF, in A3 format.