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26th MOP and 10th COP 17-21 November 2014

The twenty-sixth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (MOP26) and the tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention (COP10) begins today, 17 November 2014, in Paris, France. The preparatory segment will take place from Monday to Wednesday. The high-level segment will take place on Thursday and Friday...  Learn more | Summary

73rd Meeting of the Executive Committee, Paris, 9-13 November 2014

The 73rd meeting of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund took place from 7 to 13 November in Paris the week prior to the Montreal Protocol meetings including the 26th Meeting of the Parties. The final report of the meeting containing the 75 decisions taken by the Committee is available as document UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/73/62 on the Multilateral Fund’s web site. The Executive Committee approved a total of US $68,784,379 including support costs for agencies for phase-out projects and activities in 62 Article 5 countries. The Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

OzoNews Vol. XIV, 15 November 2014 issue
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Join the Webinar on: "R/AC Servicing Associations as Partners in HCFCs Phaseout"

on Tuesday , 21 October  2014, at 13:00 CEST (GMT+02:00) - This webinar highlighted the key contributions that Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (R/AC) Servicing enterprises and individual technicians can make to accelerate and sustain HCFCs phase-out in Asia and beyond. ...
 Read more /access Ppt presentations and recorded version of the webinar

Thematic Meeting on HPMP Implementation, Tajikistan
3 October 2014,  Dushanbe/Tajikistan - The Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) concluded the thematic meeting on HCFC phase-out management plans (HPMPs) with the Montreal Protocol and RAC experts from A5 countries...  Read more

Upgrading Skills of RAC Technicians through Training and Certification Schemes
24 September 2014, Becici / Montenegro - The Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro, the Italian Centro Studi Galileo, the European Association of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Contractors (AREA), UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) concluded the Thematic Meeting on HCFC Phase-out Management Plans with Montreal Protocol and RAC experts from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia FYR, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. Read more

Combatting Illegal Trade in ODS in Indian Ocean Island States
Port Louis, 19 September - UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development, Mauritius and the Mauritius Revenue Authority held a three day sub-regional workshop aimed at building capacity of customs and enforcement agencies of the Indian Ocean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Island States to enable them to better implement and enforce the Montreal Protocol control measures. Read more
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 16 September the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, commemorating the date, in 1987, on which the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed.

Member States are invited to devote the Day each year to promote, at the national level, activities in accordance with the objectives of the Montreal Protocol and its amendments.

Under this year's theme Ozone Layer Protection: the mission goes on... countries have organised various activities in commemoration of Ozone Day.  Click here to view country activities

China's bigger mission for HCFC phase-out
Beijing, 15 September 2014: As the world prepared for the 2014 International Ozone Day celebration, China – the largest producer and consumer of ozone depleting substances (ODS) – renewed its commitment to control and reduce hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and other remaining ODSs at the first Coordination Meeting on Preparation of the HCFCs Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) Stage II in Beijing on 11-12 September 2014.  Read more 
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's message on the International Day for the Ozone layer Preservation

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonJust over a quarter century ago, the world united to reverse the rapid depletion of the atmospheric ozone layer, which protects Earth from harmful radiation from space. Today, the ozone layer is well on track to recovery within the next few decades...  A | C | E | F | R | S 

UNEP Executive Director Launches Ozone Assessment Report

United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme Achim Steiner launched the “Assessment for Decision-Makers”, a summary document of the Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion 2014, on 10 September 2014, at the UN headquarters in New York.  Watch on UN WebTV

 Press ReleaseNairobi/Geneva, 10 September 2014 (UNEP/WMO) -Ozone Layer on Track to Recovery: Success Story Should Encourage Action on Climate (A C E F R S)

 Read Download the Report

Pakistan Learns from China about HCFCs Alternatives
China, 15 August 2014 - A delegation consisting of representatives from the Climate Change Division of the Government of Pakistan and Pakistan HVACR Importers & Traders Association,  travelled to Beijing and cities in Guangdong Province to learn about HCFCs alternatives and phase-out approaches. Read more

PICs Meet on HPMP Implementation
Fiji, 16 August 2014 - Hosted by the Government of Fiji through the Department of Environment under the Ministry of Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment the countries of the Pacific region held their HCFC Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) stage1 tranche 2 preparatory meeting from 11-14 August  2014. The workshop was officially opened by Mr. Aminiasi Qareqare Acting Assistant Director of the Department of Environment. Read more



  HCFC Policy and Legislative OptionsHCFC Policy and Legislative Options Guidance on the Process for Selecting Alternatives to HCFCs in Foams  Alternatives to HCFCs in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector OzonAction Communication Strategy Vital Ozone Graphics 2.0 - Climate Link, Resource Kit for Journalists An Implementation Manual for the Ozzy Ozone Campaign Manual for Refrigeration Servicing Technicians

News Clips

  Le future de la stratosphère et de la  couche d’ozoneThe future of the stratosphere and the ozone layer - Paul A. Newman, chercheur à la NASA au Goddard Space Flight Center, et co-président du groupe d'évaluation scientifique de l'appauvrissement de la couche d'ozone, donnera un séminaire à l'UPMC le  24 novembre à 14h30. Lieu : UPMC - 4 place Jussieu - Paris 5e - Tour centrale - 24e étage - Salle 24.00

 Two New Publications Launched By GIZ: NAMAs in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and foam sectors 2013 and Green cooling initiative - market trends 2014

 “The Antarctic Ozone Hole, An Update”, article in Physics Today, July 2014, Pg. 42-48,  Authors: Anne R. Douglas, Paul A. Newman, Susan Solomon

UNEP 2013 Annual Report, See pages: 31, 35 and 41 on the Montreal Protocol and Ozone Layer