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A blog written by Rajendra Shende, Former Head of the OzonAction Branch, in his personal capacity. This blog does not reflect the policy or position of UNEP or the DTIE OzonAction Branch.
By ozonAction on 6/27/2011

Aboard a flight from Seychelles to Dubai, I looked down as the plane was descending. The hills of Seychelles’ thick, tall and diverse trees had been replaced by the expanse of the desert. In just four hours of time, I felt that I was celebrating both the green festival of the forest, followed by the deadly dance of the desert!


But both places had one thing in common that was lacking. They badly needed air conditioning for human beings as part of their modern life. Those who do not have air conditioning eagerly aspired for one. In Seychelles, where I was just 24 hours back, it is humid even at the highest point, i.e. 905 meters above the sea level. In Dubai, where I am now, the desert is hot and dry even near the sea.   

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