African countries embark on HCFC phase out with total support for iPIC

Mahe, Seychelles, 24th June 2011- “It has been amazing start of the phase out of HCFCs by twenty four English and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa”, said Wills Agricole, Seychelles’ permanent representative to the WMO – and also the director general of the Climate and Environmental Services Division of Ministry of Environment of Seychelles.

Mr. Agricole who was chairing the four day regional meeting organized by the UNEP OzonAction Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) of Regional Office of Africa, closed the meeting today by stating that while there has been disturbing trends and slow progress at the latest climate change meeting, “the progress in eliminating powerful Green House GAS (GHG) i.e HCFC under the Montreal protocol is inspiring”. He was making concluding remarks while observing that 100% of the countries participating the meeting would now be the part of the Informal Prior Informed Consent (iPIC) mechanism facilitated by UNEP’s OzonAction programme.

iPIC, modeled on the Rotterdam Convention, has been adopted to the specific condition under the Montreal Protocol. It is a useful mechanism for governments, particularly Customs officers, to monitor ODS illegal trade and facilitate legal trade. Through such mechanism of information exchange, the exporting and importing countries can ensure that the consignment is as per the quota or licensing system of the concerned countries before the consignment if effected.

“100% of the countries embracing the iPIC mechanism shows that African countries have reaffirmed their faith in the collaborative efforts to address the global problems, as they have already demonstrated by phasing out CFCs”, said Rajendra Shende, Head of UNEP’s OzonAction programme.

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