The Seychelles network meeting led to a new policy setting for controls of ODS in Africa

Victoria, Seychelles, 22 June 2011- 22 African countries attending the Regional Network meeting of National Ozone Units each presented a brief status of their Policy settings including establishment of Licensing and Quota Systems for control of HCFCs.

Most of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements make global stories but they lack implementation because the policy setting at national level lags behind.  The lack of awareness among the policy makers, the low priority assigned to the policy makers and inadequate capacity building for effective enforcement are some of the reasons.

In this context, the first hand information provided by the 22 African countries was nothing less than revealing. All these countries, except one country reported that Licensing and Quota Systems for control of ODS including HCFCs are in place. The reviews of most of the Regulations to include HCFCs control measures were done for the African countries with the assistance of the UNEP's OzonAction programme and other Implementing Agencies during TPMP implementation and HPMP preparations. Only Botswana has not yet completed the process of establishment of control measures and it expects to approve and adopt ODS Regulations by the end of this year.

Sierra Leone’s National Ozone Unit informed that when it was realized that the policy setting was getting delayed due to the lack of awareness about the Montreal Protocol, it held a Parliamentarian Workshop which was a huge success. Within weeks of holding the workshop, Parliament passed the policies including the ODS Regulations and Lcensing System.

The climate negotiator of Seychelles, Mr. Agricole, who was moderating the session on review of the policies in the African countries, found this exercise as an example and lesson for the climate change focal points.

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