Governments and Experts meet to phase-out Ozone Depleting Substances in West Asia

Government representatives and Ozone Officers from West Asia countries had debated the Ozone Depletion Substances related regulations in a workshop organized jointly by UNEP’s OzonAction Regional Office for West Asia and UAE Ministry of Environment & Water.

The workshop entitled “Codes and Standards related to Products and Services that involve Ozone Depletion Substances (ODSs)- Foam Sector, was held from 19-20 September 2011 at Rotana Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The workshop was a great opportunity to enhance the awareness-raising campaigns that has to target decision-makers, industry sector and the national stakeholders that are the key for successful public participation. Its aims were to enhance the cooperation between governments and relevant industry sectors. It is a platform that allows officials and experts to share global and regional experiences and outline the regulatory barriers for the adoption of alternatives to HCFCs in foam applications.

As the agency entrusted with the provision of the necessary assistance for the preparation of the national HCFC Phase-out Management Plans (HPMP) in most West Asia countries, and mindful of the challenges being faced by the foam sector to convert to the ODSs free approved technologies, UNEP convened the meeting to address the interrelations between the regulatory requirements and the phase out in the foam manufacturing sector in order to outline the appropriate mechanisms and processes necessary to develop the national and regional relevant codes and standards.

UNEP has held a series of meetings in parallel to the ASHRAE- Chapters Regional Conference CRC which also took place in Abu-Dhabi during 19-22 September.

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