OzonAction Special Issue 2011 launched

Paris, France, 14 November 2011 - The United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology Industry and Economics, (UNEP DTIE), OzonAction Branch is pleased to introduce this year’s OzonAction Special Issue (OASI 2011), entitled:

"Tipping the Balance towards Climate Protection through the HCFC Phase-Out".

The OzonAction Special Issue features articles from international experts on many important issues including those that will be discussed during the upcoming Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. The topics addressed in the OASI 2011 aim at inspiring further actions to protect the ozone layer and climate system, as well as contributing to promoting ‘green energy initiatives’.

UNEP DTIE OzonAction will make this publication available to the participants of the upcoming 'Joint Ninth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention and the Twenty-Third Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol',  Bali, Indonesia, 21 - 25 November 2011. OASI 2011 will be received by thousands of readers worldwide in the major UN languages.

This annual publication is produced by the UNEP DTIE OzonAction Branch and financially supported by the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol. OzonAction Branch is providing this publication as part of UNEP's work to build capacity and provide technology support to the developing countries to implement the Montreal Protocol.

We invite you to share the OzonAction Special Issue through your respective networks and websites. 

OASI 2011 is available at:

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OzonAction Programme-Information,
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Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP DTIE)
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